Light therapy: the incredible power of light on the skin

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Light therapy: the incredible power of light on the skin

What is light therapy?

This term includes all skin treatments by the light. "It's about a light therapy whose main objectives are to give a brilliance, to treat skin burns and fight against acne "says Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist. "The type of light and wavelength adapt according to the problem to be treated."

Light therapy does not require a lot of preparation: just clean up before the session. "To maximize its action, you can associate it with a exfoliating care or one peeling" Nina Roos advises. "By exfoliating the skin, we make it thinner : light is therefore better able to act in depth and penetrate the dermis".

Where to practice light therapy?

Side results, "We observe a great variability according to the people " because "We are not all sensitive to light in the same way"explains the dermatologist. She advises to perform between 5 to 6 sessions in a medical center. Why ? "The devices used are more energetic, so the results are more likely to be visible". At a professional, you have to count between 60 and 130 euros per session.

As for home appliances, the expert recalls that there is a "Great disparity" between them. Some will be more effective than others. "If after the session, we do not feel feeling hot or that there is no redness, it means that the treatment has not been effective ".

Benefits on acne and skin

The light can have a beneficial effect on a certain type of so-called acne "inflammatory". It is characterized by big red buttons and swollen. Blue LEDs allow "Decrease inflammation and act on the bacteria responsible for the appearance of buttons". If your acne is "Retentional" that is, you only have comedones and small white pimples, the treatment will not be effective. "You must turn to exfoliating or fruit acid care ", Nina Roos advises.

Light therapy would also have an influence on wrinkles. "I prefer to say that it allows for a boost rather than a real action anti-aging, nuance the expert. Thanks to the light, the skin is heated, which stimulates the production of collagen and the microcirculation". Some pigment spots can also be brightened by this process.

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