Long skirt: the most beautiful models spring-summer 2019 for a perfect silhouette!

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Long skirt: the most beautiful models spring-summer 2019 for a perfect silhouette!

It has now more than ever its place in the basics of our wardrobe, winter and summer! With her cousin the long dress, she takes our dressing without ever disappointing us. Easier to wear than the mini, the maxi skirt adapts to all morphologies, to all styles but also to all occasions: what else?
Let it be matched with a big wool sweater or even little blouses and other spring topsshe always brings this little extra soul to a look.

>> Long skirt: the most beautiful models spring-summer 2019

The long skirt, it-piece trends spring-summer 2019

This spring more particularly, we like it long (even if we do not put in the closet the midi skirt !), often pleated, and especially fluid and lightweight to face then the high temperatures.
Palette levelthere is obviously an embarrassment of choice, starting with classic navy, black, and other beige linen. Even if misses herself as well flashy version: yellow, red, pink do you want some here?
Print side, we love more than ever graphic versions with polka dots or scratch, sure values! Not to mention the queen of queens, the flower skirt that continues to reign supreme on the fashionable planet, or the chain pattern and other scarf who did not say his last word either.

And if a nothing dresses her, it's up to you to marry her with a simple pair of boots bohemians, of Marlboro rock, from seventies boots, from dad shoes, baskers of the moment or even barefoot this summer: everything suits him, we tell you! So go for it!
Decidedly, we love it, we love it, and it's not about to stop!

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