Looks for summer 2021: 14 fashion ideas

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Looks for summer 2021: 14 fashion ideas

May is drawing to a close, so it’s time to try on fashionable looks for summer in front of the mirror. What are the ingredients of this summer wardrobe this season? We look for ideas for inspiration and fashion tips from the constant heroines of street style chronicles.

Green yellow

This flamboyant couple is the clear favorite of the summer season. Street style designers and heroines have actively taken up color therapy – after all, these two colors are not only associated with summer and nature, but also cheer up. So the smallest thing that should be in your summer wardrobe is a yellow or green dress. Well, those who strive for 100% correspond to fashion trends should definitely try a bright and juicy total bow.


For several seasons in a row, the bralette has been a worthy competitor to the crop top. However, many still doubt whether it is worth wearing such a deliberately sexy wardrobe item. Of course it’s worth it! After all, if you add a blazer to it or include a bralette in your suit, you get a very elegant and not defiant bow at all.

Colored jacket

In the summer, when everything around is playing with bright colors, you really want to “match”! The best way is to add flashy items to your wardrobe. This season, the clear favorite is the colored jacket. Such an accent is sure to attract maximum attention to your image. And it doesn’t matter what you equip it with – fashionistas include it in bows for the summer with a mini-skirt and a T-shirt and with wide white trousers and bodysuits, complementing outfits with stiletto heels and trendy sneakers.


If you know how to correctly mix colors and know what analog and complementary shades are, feel free to combine multi-colored and contrasting things from your wardrobe – color blocking is in vogue now. For example, a fuchsia suit looks great when paired with a yellow bag, white crop top and soft lilac shoes.

Trendy bows summer 2021

Natural shades

For those who prefer quieter color schemes in their wardrobe, designers always recommend a tried and tested recipe: make a bow from things in natural colors. Shades of beige and white in summer looks are the most popular. Well, for the bow to be fashionable, choose trendy things. For example, trendy high-rise pants paired with a deep V-neck jersey top, sheer sandals and a padded “The Pouch” clutch.

White dress

The white dress is tenderness embodied. And it is not at all necessary to wear it only under the aisle. A stylish and fashionable ensemble will turn out if you choose black “men’s” sandals or rough boots for a loose white dress with romantic lantern sleeves – a play on contrasts will be both in colors and in style.

Blue jeans

Light blue jeans are a staple for a wide variety of summer looks. With a white T-shirt or shirt, get a familiar and laconic casual, and if you want a more trendy option, combine jeans with a crop top and a voluminous jacket or blouse.

Short shorts

In hot weather, shorts are a constant favorite of a fashionable wardrobe. Nowadays, short models run the show. Leather and denim, satin and cotton – the material does not matter. Wear them with loose-fitting shirts and extra-long jackets, chiffon blouses, or crop tops.

More volume!

Stylish oversized summer clothes are also at the height of fashion. This season women of fashion rely on puffy puff sleeves – with them even a black dress will look romantic and feminine. And in order not to be gloomy – add bright accessories. For example, a miniature purse and jewelry. Will dilute “darkness” and light-colored shoes.

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