Love phrases for my boyfriend BEAUTIFUL and ROMANTIC!

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Love phrases for my boyfriend BEAUTIFUL and ROMANTIC!

When you're a girlfriend, it's a wonderful thing because you enjoy sharing beautiful moments with the person you love.

That's why I was collecting different messages and phrases of love for my boyfriend that can be used to use in a dedication that you want to send and express all your feelings with these beautiful words full of love.

If you want to personalize each of the phrases and make them original, I recommend that each phrase you take as your own and then serve as inspiration to modify and put what you feel in a more personal way with your experiences and experiences of what is the word more difficult to define by great authors, which is love.

Short and beautiful love phrases for my boyfriend

Surprise your boyfriend with beautiful phrases and romantic messages that can conquer him every day.

Love phrases for my boyfriend girlfriend

  1. Remember that I will always think of you if you move away but you will be more in my mind if you kiss me.
  2. In your eyes I realize that the light in my eyes is missing.
  3. Just need to read my mind so you understand how much I love you and everything I need you.
  4. I miss you so much that I can not stop thinking about you but the only cause of this addiction are your kisses which I remember with a big smile.
  5. When did you arrive to be by my side? That's the question I ask myself every time you get away from me and I see you leave.
  6. You are the man with whom I would do all those things that I would never have done with anyone else.
  7. I encourage you to take that step in life only with you if you tell me yes.
  8. When I am silent I do not want you to judge me because there are only good thoughts about you.
  9. The desire I have for you is so great that it may seem like something forbidden that I would not have to do but that I enjoy it to the fullest.
  10. It does not help me to have only a couple of hours with me or just a few minutes, I want you with me forever.
  11. If I manage to stay with you alone, start counting to a thousand since it will be the kisses that I give you throughout your body.
  12. Thank you for teaching me what it means to love a person, without you noticing you were my teacher in true love.
  13. I'm preparing my lips for when we're together.
  14. The look I promise you as soon as we see each other will be as beautiful as the last time we embraced.
  15. Since I met you until the last day I saw you are the best days of my life.
  16. When I woke up I just wanted to have a coffee to start the morning, but now I just want to hear your call to be complete.
  17. You asked me what do you like most in life? And I answered "Without a doubt it is looking at you and appreciating how lucky I am to have you by my side".
  18. For many years I walked without a direction but when I met you you were my guide, my path to happiness.
  19. I will always be by your side, not only when things are good but also when they are bad and the only way is mutual support.
  20. Thanks for giving me a hand, but it was much more than that, it was giving me your heart.
  21. I think that soon I will go crazy, because first you stole my look, then my heart and now I feel that sanity will be your next intention.
  22. I need to express everything that happens to me when you kiss me on my skin but I can not find the words to this great feeling.
  23. We are not for each other because we agree on many things but because we think these issues together.
  24. I just said goodbye and I think when I tell you Hello, my love!
  25. Pure and passionate love is what we need tonight to be able to forget about the past.
  26. I have a big smile but because you are the only and great reason.
  27. Reading a message from you in the morning turns me on and provokes me so that the day passes as quickly as possible.
  28. In the world there are people who make you do anything and you know that it is not the right thing and that person is you.
  29. I remember the first day we saw that kiss was so expected that it became a reality as if we were children again.
  30. When you hugged me you still left me shaking waiting for that kiss that I will never forget.
  31. I think of night and day in you, I do not know how I can do so that the hours pass quickly and reach your lips as soon as possible.
  32. Today you are my boyfriend, tomorrow you will be my husband, and surely you will be my ex, but I assure you that I will continue to love you.
  33. What it takes to think that writing me in that message of love I want you to come running towards me and hug me as hard as possible.
  34. Show me your affection always with facts and attitudes, not only with words since these are taken by the wind.
  35. Let this silence that was created between the two be a way to connect our minds.
  36. There does not have to be an explanation of why I love you and I adore you, I just love you.
  37. Always try to touch that star that accompanied me at night and now I can touch it by being next to you.
  38. Every day I have the same dream and it is to be with you all my life.
  39. I had to go to the cardiologist thinking that my heart was beating faster but everything was the effect of when you told me I LOVE YOU!
  40. Do you know who is missing next to me when I'm in my bed? If it's you.
  41. Is it love or just a whim? I still do not know but I assure you that I wish you madly.
  42. My heart and my soul say one thing when I am with you that the reasoning of my brain can not deduce that it is simply that I am in love.
  43. It will always be the fault of both of us to be so cloying when we are together, to finish and then to start again.
  44. We are like the magnet and the metal that we need to be glued to each other.
  45. I love you with all my soul but I believe that my soul is no longer enough to express everything I feel for you.
  46. Many times I remain silent but it is not because I have nothing to say but because I prefer to see you and contemplate how lucky I am to have you.
  47. Stop talking and just put your hand on my chest to feel the beating of my heart and you realize how it accelerates when you are close to me.
  48. I thought that dreams did not come true and I realize that the more time I spend with you and the most precious dream of my life is coming true.
  49. The caresses for my heart are every moment that you make me spend happiness with you. Thank you.
  50. Surely you think that at night I do not think about you, but you also invade my dreams which fascinates me and motivates me to have to see you as soon as possible.
  51. Do not think that I love you for what you are but that I really love you for how I am when I am with you.
  52. If you look at me when I see you in the eyes, prepare your lips.
  53. I thought you had wings because when you kiss me, I can fly.
  54. It may sound a bit corny but I love that you are my boyfriend.
  55. As children stimulate the candy to me I stimulates your messages of love.
  56. The first trips did not encourage you to take me by the hand and now you beg me to walk hugged. (and I love it)
  57. I want you to stop being my boyfriend so you can become my husband. Do you dare?
  58. What I have with you I never had with anyone else.
  59. Dreaming is free, which makes me hope that my dream that you are with me forever will be fulfilled.
  60. When I met you, you were one more in my life but now you are all I need.
  61. You saw those things that you can not stand from others, well, I like them if they come from you.
  62. In all relationships there are jealousies and sometimes fights but if love is first I assure you that it can be overcome, are you willing?
  63. I'm not going to deny that people have passed in my life but without leaving a trace or a brand in exchange, you have transformed me into my best version.

Love phrases for my boyfriend long

  1. In life you are discarding people who do you wrong and many times even if you do well you lose them by different factors, you are one of those that I never want to lose.
  2. When I promised you I would always be by your side surely you took it as one more phrase that you could hear or read but you will realize that now I will be with you no matter what happens and I will always believe in you.
  3. To think that a year ago I was meeting you and I never thought we would get to this stage of life we ​​are living, but the most exciting thing is that I would bet for many more years next to you to be happy with you and take us by the hand to overcome all obstacles that arise.
  4. Forgetting is not easy and I can assure you that's why I need you to return to my side as soon as possible, leaving aside your responsibilities and giving priority to one that is me. Do you dare to leave everything for my love?
  5. I need to apologize for falling in love so fast, but I can not control it, I understand that everything started as a test, to see what happened to each one but it is something that you did so that that spell you achieved in me was infecting my heart. so much love that only makes me think of only one person and that is you.
  6. It may be that sometimes I did not tell you, it may also be that you did not hear me or you simply ignored it because I always tell you, but I remember it so you never forget it, I love you and it's not mere words they are feelings and emotions that are enclosed in that beautiful word love that you captured in me.

short and beautiful love phrases for my boyfriend

Love quotes for my boyfriend for Whatsapp

  1. I wait for your messages looking at the mobile phone every second and even though it is exaggerated when I arrive, I am the happiest person in the world, because you think of me.
  2. Stop seeing my messages and do not answer, just put the emoji that I like most, which is the one of the heart.
  3. I want to whisper to you everything I have to tell you in this WhatsApp message. You dare?
  4. You nailed me the sight but you did not answer me, I'm going to have to send you more messages until you saturate your love phone.
  5. Many times I can see that the opinions of others are not the most accurate and they want to separate us, but that will never happen as long as we love each other.
  6. If you knew every night without sleeping for just thinking how to conquer, you would be amazed.
  7. With the look it was the first kiss I gave you. Never forget.
  8. I want to touch the sun with my hands, that's why I need a kiss from you.
  9. I would like that when we are elderly we are next to each other and tell you that you saw that I was there for the rest of our lives! I love you.

Love phrases for my boyfriend who is far away

  1. This stage of life we ​​have to be separated but what binds me to you are memories.
  2. Only for a time will be our distance, but I am sure that the messages will keep that flame of passion burning.
  3. I do not know why time has stopped since you gave me the first kiss, but it's something that I love.
  4. I have fears when you are far from me, but when you embrace me all those ghosts and insecurities disappear immediately.
  5. I can send you hundreds of messages of love but only one can express what distance makes me have you away and it is simply the I miss you!
  6. Only an airplane can join us and it seems very simple but the distance is sometimes much more complex than a simple flight, that is why I let my heart fly to think that I am with you as soon as possible.
  7. If a love is true, the distance can not break the couple or our courtship so we face this situation and swear with our words that this will be forever.
  8. When you tell me distance I think about infidelity but not for you but for my fears and my insecurities, I hope to have you soon as soon as possible to know that those ghosts disappeared.
  9. So that the distance between the two is shorter these messages of love will make you remember my whisper in your ears, I love you.
  10. So that you never leave I will keep you among my most precious things. You are my favorite treasure.

Love phrases for my boyfriend in English

  1. Every second of my life I have to tell you how much I love you. - Every second of my life I have to tell you how much I love you.
  2. If you fall asleep I will stay awake to look at you and enjoy your beauty. - If you fall asleep I will stay awake to look at you and enjoy your beauty.
  3. You realize how quickly the time that already spent more than a year that you proposed to be your girlfriend passes. - You realize how quickly the time that passed more than a year ago that you propose to be your girlfriend passes.
  4. Hug me now and then close your eyes to enjoy our moment together. - Hold me now and then close your eyes to enjoy our moment together.
  5. I just need your kisses, your caresses, your hugs and those of nobody else. - I just need your kisses, your caresses, your hugs and those of nobody else.

Love phrases for my boyfriend of songs

Instead of leaving you the typical phrases I'll recommend four love songs that I always shared with my husband when we were engaged.

The song You are Café Tacuba group is very beautiful because it describes everything you are to me.

What I love most in this world is what you are,

as also my deeper thought,

just tell me what you want me to do,

here I am

Another very beautiful song in my repertoire is The worst of love by Joaquín Sabina

The rooms ventilated when love ends

without a doubt it is the worst of love,

The worst of love is certainly when it happens.

I also recommend listening Bridge Gustavo Cerati when he says,

"Cross love and I'll cross my fingers", no doubt expect a new love you never know how it will go but the important thing is to bet on what you feel.

Everything changed from Camila I love your lyrics

«I did not expect it either, but that's the way love is, I just step and all yours is already»

something wonderful that causes you to be in love.

Love quotes for my boyfriend with images

Beautiful images to surprise that man you love so much and want to honor him or simply surprise with sweet words of love.

An image that you can share on tumblr, facebook, twitter, instagram or simply send a text message to your boyfriend.

Love phrases for my boyfriend who is far away

Love phrases for my pretty boyfriend

Love phrases for my boyfriend tumblr

Love phrases for my boyfriend long

love phrases for my boyfriend short

Love phrases for my boyfriend on his birthday

  1. To fulfill another year of life is wonderful I hope to share many more years with you.
  2. At this stage of your life I can live the happiness you feel on your birthday and that fills me with joy.
  3. In my calendar I only had my family's marked birthdays and now I have a new date that is yours to celebrate.
  4. Remember that now you are bigger than me and I need you to show me some issues that were left pending in the last kiss.
  5. Today you will have the most beautiful gift of your birthday just wait for the night to get it and you will be surprised.

I hope you enjoy this great amount of love phrases for your boyfriend and you can always tell him what you feel is the most healthy way for a relationship.

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