Low back pain: Why is my lower back hurting?

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Low back pain: Why is my lower back hurting?

What is low back pain?

Low back pain is used to describe pain located near the lumbar vertebrae (lower back, just above the pelvis). Depending on its intensity, this pain can be quite disabling. Fortunately, in most cases, it is only acute low back pain without any gravity: also called kidney or lumbagoit usually stops by itself in the space of a month. More rarely, the pain can also persist for more than 3 months: we speak then of chronic low back pain.

Lower back pain: what are the most common causes?

Generally, acute low back pain is due to a benign lesion of a muscle, a ligament or a tendon. The displacement of a vertebra can also be questioned: in this case, it can be difficult to make certain movements and to recover. Sometimes, the origin of low back pain is very clear, because the pain was manifested immediately after a wrong movement or carrying a load too heavy ...

However, it is often impossible to determine precisely what triggered low back pain: it does not matter, because in this type of case, it is limited to relieve symptoms while waiting for the healing of the lesion. A doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatories and painkillers for example, but you can also use the phytotherapy or to homeopathy to relieve your back pain: do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice. of the massage back can also be beneficial.

Another possible cause: disc herniation

Most of herniated discs are located in the lower back and can cause low back pain or sciatica (pain radiating down the leg). By disc herniation, it is necessary to understand that a part of an intervertebral disc has left its natural location. Most herniated discs are not serious: just a rest and a drug treatment (eg painkillers, anti-inflammatories) so that everything comes back in order within a few weeks. Some more serious cases, however, require surgery.

Low back pain: and if it was related to PMS?

If your back pain returns every month with regularity, it may be related to premenstrual syndrome. In this case, you do not suffer from low back pain strictly speaking: the source of the pain is rather localized in your lower abdomen, but it radiates even to your back. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or gynecologist.

Pregnancy: a risk factor for low back pain

During the pregnancyit is very common to suffer from acute low back pain, particularly because of the weight gain which weighs on the lumbar ... Not to mention the joints of the hips that become more mobile for delivery: the more they gain mobility, the higher the risk of suffering hips and lumbar are high. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or midwife for advice and treatment consistent with your pregnancy.

Old age and back pain ...

Some diseases like osteoarthritis (she uses articular cartilage) and osteoporosis (It can lead to vertebral compression) are common causes of low back pain in the elderly. The treatment varies according to the intensity of the disease: very often, drugs taken orally or infiltrations are sufficient, but sometimes it is necessary to resort to an operation.

And the more serious causes of low back pain?

Among the more serious and fortunately significantly rarer causes of low back pain are fractures and various diseases such as vertebral cancer, infectious spondylitis (infection of vertebrae that may have various origins such as syphilis and tuberculosis) or spondylitis ankylosing (disease causing progressive blocking of the joints located at the bottom of the back). The treatment is then very variable depending on the cause of low back pain: it can range from simple medication management to surgery.

Low back pain: symptoms that should lead to prompt consultation

It is recommended to consult a doctor very quickly if your low back pain follows a fall or a violent shock on your back (risk of fracture). Also check if your pain is very severe, can not be calmed by painkillers available without a prescription, increases in intensity during the night and / or if it is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • fever,
  • chills,
  • inexplicable weight loss,
  • intestinal disorders (eg, diarrhea),
  • chest pain,
  • urinary problems (eg, difficulty urinating, urinary incontinence),
  • loss of sensation in the genitals and / or legs

Pain in the lower back: low back pain is common?

Low back pain is not rare: health experts estimate that 66% to 75% of people will suffer at least once in their life low back pain. Good news: It is estimated that 90% of low back pain heals without a doctor. However, 10% to 23% of low back pain lasts more than three months ... It is absolutely necessary to make an appointment with his doctor!

Low back pain would also represent the first occupational disease. The following are particularly affected: people who perform handling work. Indeed, the manual handling gestures (including: lifting a heavy cardboard, a pot of flowers, an imposing piece of furniture ...) constitute the first cause of low back pain in the workplace ...

People who do sedentary work are also not spared from low back pain: thus, in case of bad posture sitting in front of the computer (the feet which are not placed on the ground, the back which is not right .. .), one can develop a pain in the lower back!

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