Luscious mouth, almond eyes, freckles: our make-up tips to boost your assets

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Luscious mouth, almond eyes, freckles: our make-up tips to boost your assets

I have a luscious mouth

For a rather natural makeup, apply a lipstick satiny nude and a slightly lighter color on the heart of the mouth, this will emphasize its natural volume. If you want a more sophisticated look, exfoliate your lips then apply a matte red of intense color and on the center of the mouth, a two-tone, lighter color.

The advice and more Avoid gloss and too bright textures, which can exaggerate the volume of the mouth and to give a less elegant style.

I have almond eyes

Do not hesitate to accentuate this effect with a line of liner placed at the level of the eyelashes. The easiest ? The pencil, because its mine is flexible. Choose black or brown, and draw a thick, slightly thinner line at the outer corner of the eye. Blend the trace with your finger, going back to the outer corner of the eye, to stretch the look. If you're a follower of liner, apply it in the same way close to the eyelashes, with a rather thin line. At the outer corner of the eye, slightly lift the tip to draw a comma.

The advice and more : Always finish with a layer of mascara, and apply it in direct the brush toward the tail of the eyebrow, so that the outer lashes unfold.

I have curly hair

No more question of smoothing your curls, sublimate them! After washing your hair with a special shampoo to give them spring, wring the lengths then apply a cream, fluid or a dedicated serum to give the loops a maximum of naturalness. Avoid mosses, which do a bit of work. On the drying side, place the wick on the diffuser of the hair dryer. On days when you do not wash your hair, just spray a veil of thermal water and let it dry naturally to give body to the loops without weighing them down.

The advice and more : so that your curls retain their spring, space them shampoos. A wash every two or three days is enough.

I have long eyelashes

Start with enhance them with the help of a eyelash curlerwhich gives them a nice arch. Always use it on perfectly clean and dry eyelashes. Then forget the lengthening mascara, which you do not need, and prefer a volume formula. Put the material in root, let it dry, then only stretch to the tip. If you like lightness, you can use a eyelash dye, which brings color without effects of matter.

The good idea : remove makeup gently, to avoid tearing them off. And in the evening, take care of them with a booster care, which ensures a better anchoring of the eyelashes and prevents the fall.

I have high cheekbones

Emphasize them without overemphasizing them. For that, use a light pen, to put in keys, on the top of the cheekbone, just above the bone. This allows to hang the light. And for a good-looking effect, Then ask blush pink cream, round, on the bulge of the cheek and go back slightly towards the bone. If you want to strengthen the salient side, opt for an orange blush, and put it in the hollow of the cheek to carve it. In this case, skip the step of the light pen, which may exaggerate the cheekbone.

The advice and more : for the orange blush, prefer a powder texture, and apply it with the edge of the brush.

I have a hair full of volume

Start by highlighting it with an appropriate cut. The ideal? A damaged hairstyle, which boosts the volume from the root. Thanks to a technique of picketing, the shorter locks act as stakes on the long hair at the time of drying. When styling, you can modulate the volume. To crush the roots slightly, use a flat brush when drying. If you want to accentuate the volume on the tips, work them with a round brush or with a curling iron.

The advice and more : You can also play with color to create density thanks to a play of shadow and light. The warm reflections (golden, coppery) accentuate the volume while the cold reflections (ash, beige) crush it.

I have well-supplied eyebrows

Especially do not depilate them, keep their density... If they have irregularities and are sparse, use a pencil tone on tone to fill the areas that need it. With the mine, make light hatching movements to mimic hair growth. Be careful not to press too much, and not to sketch the entire eyebrow. It is not a question of intensifying it. In finishing, discipline the hair with a transparent gel.

The good idea : you can use an old clean toothbrush and a veil of lacquer to fix the eyebrow.

I have freckles

Do not camouflage them and forget about them foundation too much covering. Prefer tinted fluids or creams, which soften the redness and imperfections, but allow to perceive the grain of skin in transparency. If you use a correction pen to erase areas of darkness and small defects, make sure that it is not too covering. Finally, prefer cream textures for makeup, in order to maintain a transparency effect. And above all, do not powder your complexion.

The advice and more : do not have tinted cream? Mix a moisturizing fluid with a hazelnut foundation to concoct a customized product.

Thanks to Sylver Boll, Director of Training Franck Provost.

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