Macromasty: what is this disease that makes the breasts grow endlessly?

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Macromasty: what is this disease that makes the breasts grow endlessly?

What is macromasty?

Macromasty is a disease considered as a form of breast hypertrophy that is characterized by excessive development of the glands and breast tissue. The causes are still unknown.

Rare, the disease affects only a few women in the world. This is the case of Fiona Hornby, a 25-year-old Briton. In an interview with the British newspaper The Daily Mailshe recounts living a nightmare.

Like patients affected by macroscopy, the young adult has an excessively large breast size. Her breasts began to grow before puberty, around 10 years, and now correspond to the 48 J cup, equivalent in France to 125 J.

Health problems related to macromasty

This imposing chest causes several health problems. Fiona says that her breasts are covered with wounds, hematomas andRashes. She suffers from "back pain stun", Which prevents him from standing more than five minutes and leaving home. of the sleeping troubles also affect her: the English suffocates when she is lying in bed and has trouble falling asleep. Mother of family, she can not breastfeed his four-month-old son.

In addition to physical problems, patients may suffer psychologically. Daily life can become painful. "My self esteem is low, I can not find any clothes that fit and I can not wear the same clothes as people my age."External reactions are difficult and often malicious. "To college, I was called 'the dairy' because I was accused of showing them, but that was not the case, I just wanted to wear the same clothes as the other girls ...".

Is there a cure for the disease?

The only way to allow patients to live properly is surgery. The breast reduction is intended to reduce the size of the breasts and adapt to the morphology of the patient. The operation, which lasts between 3 and 4 hours, is a removal of breast tissue and excess skin. The remaining breast volume is remodeled.

All stages are performed under general anesthesia. After the surgery, the patient stays in hospital for three days, and usually has three scars and bandages. Doctors wait a year before concluding if the breast reduction has totally succeeded.

The price of a breast reduction depends on the importance of hypertrophy and breast ptosis (breast loss) to correct.

In France, breast reduction is supported by Health Insurance in case of proven breast hypertrophy, requiring removal of more than 300g per breast (one or two cups).

This is not the case in Britain where the operation is the responsibility of the patient. Fiona has launched a pot to raise £ 5,500, more than € 6,300.

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