Make-up effect plaster: how to avoid it or correct the shot?

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Make-up effect plaster: how to avoid it or correct the shot?

1 / Moisturize your face

Hydration is the basis of all good makeup: "If you do not hydrate enough skin, it will reject the make-up, which creates the mask effect because it stays on the surface ", explains Bruna Rimet, make-up artist Too Faced. The trick: after washing your face with a gentle care, apply a toner or a serum to boost hydration and a day cream. Attention, the expert also reminds that we must not forget the outline of the eye because "This area is ten times thinner that the rest of the face ". If you apply a concealer on dry skin, it will tend to dry out more and to mark fine lines.

2 / Choosing the right products

"The ideal is to opt for fluid textures and light to avoid the cardboard effectsays Bruna Rimet. It is also necessary to ban products with a finish that is too matte or powdery, which may freeze makeup. To give life to the make-up, nothing like cream blushes to give looking good and highlighters of the same material to illuminate the face. These textures are lighter and transparent in contrast to those too powdered which "Dry out the skin and can create a plaster look on the face".

3 / Do not apply too much material

For the expert, the skin better accepts the material when the latter is applied in small quantity. "First put on his hand and not directly on the face, to properly dose the product." If you want a hedging effect, the expert recommends applying the treatment with a make-up sponge or dense brush. If, on the contrary, your goal is to have the most natural complexion possible, apply it with your finger or with a flat brush.

Also know that it is not advisable to put the same amount of foundation everywhere, "Better to add a little bit to places where you have imperfections or some rash".

4 / Do not forget the rest of the face

For a natural complexion without effect of matter, Bruna Rimet advises not to forget work the rest of your make-up. "Sometimes we see makeup complexion very worked but which stop net at the level of eyebrows and lips. So the demarcation is visible". Also, a complexion as well done must be accompanied by a minimum of makeup : "a mouth glossy and a blush lightweight will be perfect to complement the make-up and the make bright".

5 / Think about sprays

To correct a make-up "Hardcover", the specialist has his little trick: she advises to vaporize one smoisturizing pray on a make-up sponge, then squeeze it on the areas too "Plastered" : "This will allow the make-up to breathe by removing some of the face powder". This product can also be put on the face at every stage of makeup for "To make skin better and hydrate".

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