Make-up removal: why we need to adopt washable disks

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Make-up removal: why we need to adopt washable disks

Between the lotion and the makeup remover, a woman uses up to 6 disposable cottons per day, or more than 2100 annual discs for single use ... What reconsider the woven washable version, much more ecological, because it can be used between 300 and 500 times.

What is it about ?

Far-heirs to the traditional washcloth, these products are sold in packs of 10 or 20, and come in different formats: discs, squares, wipes and gloves. After removing makeup, when the textile is dirty, just wash it in the machine at 40 ° C in a net with the rest of the laundry. In case of stains, rub beforehand with Marseille soap is usually sufficient to eliminate the most stubborn make-up.

Cotton, bamboo or microfiber?

Normal to combination skin can turn to the cotton square, often two-sided: one side fleece, perfect for applying on the eyes and another, rougher to slightly exfoliate the epidermis. If you have sensitive and reactive skin, prefer the bamboo disc. Fine and light, this material slips on the skin and gently removes make-up. The choice may also depend on your favorite makeup remover. Cotton retains fats such as milk or oil, while bamboo absorbs better aqueous cleansers such as lotion or micellar water. And if you want to lighten your vanity, opt for the microfiber option. To use without product, just pass under warm water before removing makeup.

So, finished disposable cottons?

If the washable square is perfect for purifying and cleansing the skin, there is no question of using it to remove the nail polish with solvent. Indeed the solvents can not be washed out and the square could not be used. Can not also be used to clean a small wound with an antiseptic: for this type of use, a sterile compress remains de rigueur.

The opinion of the expert: Nina Roos, dermatologist and author of Skin is life (Marabout editions):

"Choose large formats and be careful to have enough stock not to multiply the machines ... There is no question of rinsing and letting the washable disc dry on the radiator. Otherwise, it will lose effectiveness because of poorly cleaned make-up residues, which can then block the pores of the skin, and microbes will lodge on during drying, at the risk of causing skin and eye infections. "

Our darlings:

Versatile discovery kit 3 squares (eucalyptus, bamboo, cotton), Emma's Trends, 5 €. Softener, kit of 10 microfiber wipes, La-mazuna, 17,50 €. Double action, 10 biface cotton, Clarange, 29 €.

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