Makeup: 3 easy ideas and trends for spring

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Makeup: 3 easy ideas and trends for spring

Raspberry lips

An intense mouth associated with a line of graphic liner, it is the good duo for an elegant look.

How to do ?

- Highlight the root of the eyelashes with a brown brown liner, sweeter than a black. Draw a thin line and thicken it at the outer corner of the eyelid, to accentuate the eye almond. Then apply a black mascara.

- Brush your eyebrows, to structure more the look and, if necessary, fill in the sparse areas with a pencil with a fine mine.

- Redraw the contour of the lips with a bright pink pencil, then apply a tonal lipstick directly to the baton.

The advice in +: To give maximum shine to the smile, choose a satin lipstickwho hangs the light. The raspberry is suitable for all skin tones, but you can adopt a currant, a red poppy if you prefer.

Green eyelids

Associated with a fresh and rosy complexion, this bold color gives a poetic and country look.

How to do ?

- Start with to unify your complexion by concealing the imperfections with a corrector, because the green brings out the redness.

- On the eyelids, use un bold face (in gel or cream) or a pencil, to stretch with the pulp of the finger to put the color in halo.

- Load the eyelashes with a mascara black volume to give depth to the eyes.

- Apply a touch of pink cream blush on the cheekbones, and a touch of illuminator on the temple and the top of the cheekbone.

The advice in +: This fresh green is suitable for many complexions. Avoid it however if you have the Mediterranean complexion, in this case, prefer a bluish blue.

The ultra-black eyes

Natural complexion and deep look, this is the chic and shocked duo for an assertive style, which adapts to all situations.

How to do ?

- Ask a light brown make-up in halo on the mobile eyelid to give it a little intensity.

- With a kohl pencil black, color the inside of the eyelids, upper and lower, then highlight the flush eyelashes. Then degrade with a brush.

- With a flat brush, take out a dark blue powder eyeshadowt and place it over the black, by tapping, to fix the pigments. Put mascara on the tip of the eyelashes.

- Moisturize the mouth with a balm beige or revealing pHwhich gives the lips a natural look.

The advice in +: This makeup highlights all the colors of iris. You can have fun with other shades to complete the black: a burgundy, a very dark brown, a green, etc.

Thanks to Lauriane Rousse, make-up artist studio.

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In video, our advice to make a complete make-up with a lipstick:

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