Makeup : an All Saints Eve that will be very scary

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an All Saints Eve that will be very scary


Halloween makeup idea: what ideas for Halloween 2018? Here we are again leaning on the subject. As every year, our articles dealing with the subject are mandatory for you to have an idea of ​​makeup before the arrival of D-Day. This year, the theme of makeup is to scare by its exquisite atrocity.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: talent and professionalism

Not only was there a surprising imagination but also a mastery of incredible techniques. The makeup you are going to see has nothing in common. The models outdid themselves in the task of putting on make-up to be able to chase the demons and witches on the eve of All Saints' Day. So let's see together how we can cast out demons and witches!

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<h3 style=Halloween makeup idea 2018: demon and witch hunt

This year, on Halloween 2018, we're going to chase demons and witches by excruciating beauty or exquisite atrocity. These oxymorons were purposely sought. Indeed, this year, we preferred to combine, in his make-up, the two contrary ideas. The combination makes it possible to contrast to provoke admiration and fear at the same time. We decided to stay attractive while fighting anxiety with fear.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: to change your mind and feel strong emotions

To forget that you are worried, you have to start thinking or frightening yourself. We must turn happiness and good vibes on his side. In other words, it is necessary to point the vector of well-being towards oneself.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: to be original when you want to scare

Makeup for Halloween is becoming more and more original. We are always pleasantly surprised and we become more and more admiring from one year to the next. Cutting one's face into slices, crammed into one another, or covered with precious stones or glittering powder, the face and body are two of the many ideas to show you.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: head in the air

To tear off the head of the body? It is possible to achieve it with a well made makeup. In this way, we can fascinate and hallucinate.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: when the mask falls

The skin can withdraw and give way to the other nature of the character. This is possible with makeup for Halloween. With the help of dark tones and various glitter, you can look macabre while shining brightly.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: the other is me too

Sewing after being disfigured is a Chucky make-up idea. To not be disgusting like Chucky, you can keep half of your angelic face and only demonize the other.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: use sequins and slats

Any sparkling object is welcome for this Halloween party 2018! Get out your sequins and glittering fantasy buttons! Paste them once you have made up!

There is, as we can see, still a thousand ways to stick glitter or fancy buttons on the face. Here again, the choice and talent can be unlimited. It is enough to find the material a little more brilliant and original so that the disguise is successful without too much originality in its execution.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: to be able to draw well the face

Another tip, if you run out of material, is to be able to draw well. You can also be drawn and let yourself plunge into the dark and magical world of fairy tales.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: some interesting techniques and especially very original

To raise the eyebrows above by fixing them to the glue always with the help of glitter, to make a mouth in the shape of star, to make the nails by not only applying them varnish but by drawing and disguising them, that is how amazing you can be!

idea-make-up-halloween-eyebrow-mouth nail

With regard to the eyebrows, here are some very interesting ideas that can be inspired. You can comb them and even make a stripe in the middle to create effect.


It's possible to achieve the same result by drawing huge, tousled eyebrows on your own eyebrows. In this case, it will be necessary to just remove makeup. In the first case, combing your eyebrows and making a stripe in the middle can be painful.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: do not forget the wig

The wig is a mandatory beauty accessory for any type of disguise. In platinum blond or fluorescent pink color, any wig has its role and utility. For a Halloween make-up and disguise, you have to favor the contrast to succeed your game!

Halloween makeup idea 2018: to become a vampire

Since the release of the movie "Interview with a vampire" and since the release of the film "Twilight", it's again very fashionable to think and be vampire. Vampire disguises have reached a peak. To stand out, here is an interesting idea: make up a character who is becoming / to become a vampire. Thus, we follow the new wave of an atrocious and fascinating makeup.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: cover yourself with colors and use make-up and disguise tricks

We can show courage and originality. The body becomes the canvas and the face, the work plan on which all sorts of tricks can be applied.

One can transform oneself completely and the hero of his choice will immediately come to life. The characters in a book and the heroes of a movie are so numerous. The choice is very rich. It can be inspired without problem. What may seem more difficult is to embody them in all colors because what counts especially today is the perfect mastery of makeup techniques.

Indeed, we must not spare effort: makeup and all that is important for the disguise must be done in a professional manner. In addition, traditional makeup will no longer suffice, you must have a special makeup (paintings, sprays, etc.).

Hair coloring (including hair sprays) or wigs, accessories, clothes, you have to think of everything.

halloween make-up idea creatures-marine

Do not be afraid to cover your whole body. For some time fashion models have been participating in parades where they are dressed only in paint. Covered with paint, we can no longer recognize their nudity.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: let's really scare and hunt demons!

Normally, we chase fear out of fear. If the glamorous side of Halloween makeup is not a must-have item, the evil horror side must be on the map. Here are some Halloween makeup ideas that will be very scary. In addition to disguises as a vampire, zombie, skeleton of a pirate or ghost with whom we are sure to succeed in frightening, we will not fail to present disguises out of the ordinary.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: the dark army knight

This disguise will please especially men. To become a knight of the dark army, the character must appear dark. The hair covered with mud that looks like fuel oil. As if the skin was covered with scutes. Black makeup springs from the eyes and mouth like a geyser. This burgundy red liquid flows from the right nostril as well. It looks like blood that has dried up. The faceted eyes are those of a living dead person.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: having a screw in the skin of the face

What a horror to have a screw in the skin. The very idea hurts. To see a screw having penetrated into the flesh surely makes even worse. Hence the idea of ​​this young man to make such a makeup for Halloween. Such makeup is horror embodied. The screw can be made of plastic or polystyrene or drawn on the face.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: have a pencil that pierces the nose

To be certain that there is no one who might think that the pencil in the photo below actually pierces the person's nose, we will first remind you that this article only deals with the original types of makeup for Halloween ! No, the pencil does not go through the lady's nose! Do not put anything in your nose! In fact, makeup involves sticking the two parts of a broken pencil in half on the nostril and on the back of the nose using very red and sticky makeup.

The upper part of the pencil is glued to the nostril using glue and red blood makeup. The other part of the pencil, that which is written, is covered with the substance imitating blood to make believe that the nose has been pierced by the pencil. In fact, we stuck this part of the pencil between the root and the back of the nose that was covered with red makeup.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: having your mouth stitched

There are make-ups of this kind ready to buy and stick on his mouth. The more experienced can create this device on his face and make believe that the mouth was really sewn. Again, this is not a real case! This is a trick that can be controlled to scare the Halloween party.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: make up the Chucky

This makeup is easier than the previous three. Just draw the lines of fake blood on his face and glue silver sequins imitating the stitches. Glitter can be plastic or aluminum. Use full makeup palettes with paint to find the right color mimicking the blood and bruises.

Halloween 2018 Makeover Idea: Steven King's Good Old Diabolic Clown

The good old evil clown walks every time! The clown is always scary and this can be explained scientifically. Gloomy behavior and physical features such as bulging eyes, a suspicious smile or odd-length limbs presuppose a threat. Threat detectors are activated, says Frank T. McAndrew, Professor of Psychology at Knox College. What activates them is "the inherent ambiguity of the figure" which is disguised and conceals its true intentions. We feel that they are malicious and that their smile is false.

As for makeup for Halloween, if you stick a jaw with shark teeth on the makeup already suspicious, the scary effect is guaranteed!

Halloween makeup idea 2018: more glamorous clown makeup while still being diabolical

If we rely on the scientific explanation of the phobia of clowns, even more glamorous makeup and without the jaw with shark teeth can still be scary. Indeed, make-up by hiding his true intentions, is already very scary. It is the suspense of a behavior that can turn into a nightmare that scares. In this case, the choice of the green color for the eyes amplifies the suspense because the eyes of this color remind the eyes of predators or reptiles.

Halloween makeup idea 2018: pretty but always mysterious clown makeup

Pierrot makeup is a variant of clown makeup but more different than the previous ones. The character of Pierrot comes from the Comedia dell'Arte (the old Italian comedy) and has a certain dose of common sense. This is the rival of Harlequin, another character from the comedia dell'arte. Pierrot or Pedrolino is naive, even silly. He is dressed in white and made up in white.

To bring a touch of doubt and malice to Pierrot's makeup, we can add color to it. This is how a little red and black on Pierrot's face can give another idea of ​​the character and his intentions. The evil horns that make-up creates make one think of the devil himself. By accentuating a little more on the macabre and the diabolical, one can have a makeup that scares.

clown halloween makeup idea

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