Makeup : Beauty trend – discover three Korean beauty secrets for flawless skin

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Trends : Beauty trend – discover three Korean beauty secrets for flawless skin

Today, we invite you to learn more about the new beauty trend inspired by the skin care and makeup routines of Korean girls. Let’s discover together 3 secrets they practice for flawless skin!

Korean-inspired beauty trend – 3 skin care and makeup secrets to discover

beauty trends korean face care routine

Korean girls adhere to a strict beauty routine and favor quality products. To always have flawless skin, they rely on a complete range of cosmetics for each step of this routine. To get an idea, do not hesitate to take a look at the k beauty collection from Yesstyle.

To follow the Korean beauty routine, cleanse the skin thoroughly before applying makeup.

korean beauty trends cosmetic cleansing face

Thorough cleansing of the skin is essential, as excess sebum, dirt or bacteria can lead to premature aging of the skin as well as rashes. In order to adopt a Korean cleaning, we go through three steps:

  • Cleaning with a tissue that gently removes impurities, especially in the area around the eyes;
  • A second step with a cleaning oil which removes oil-based impurities;
  • A cleansing with a cleansing foam to be applied to the wet face to remove water-based dirt.

For a flawless face, we select our beauty products according to the needs of our skin

facial care mask korean cosmetic cloth beauty routine

Korean girls swear by the practice of tailoring products to the needs of their skin. For example, if you need to bring more radiance to your face, you use mists or even instant masks. These are used before applying moisturizer and makeup. On the other hand, those with dry skin might try mixing a little face oil or serum with their foundation. This trick helps improve skin hydration.

Korean beauty routine includes a full range of products

korean beauty face care routine cosmetic trends

In Korea, there is a belief that investing in a full range of products helps you take better care of your skin. We attach great importance to all stages of the beauty routine and we use specific products for each of them. In addition to the face cleanser and moisturizer, we therefore rely on cosmetics for exfoliation and for toning the skin. And we don’t hesitate to opt for products designed to remedy specific problems.

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