Makeup effect looks good: how to achieve it?

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Makeup effect looks good: how to achieve it?

To cheat and post a tanned mine as if you had spent a weekend in the sun, no question of wearing a foundation darker than usual, because it will be immediately noticed ... As for the self-tanner, it is not always a good ally if you are not a pro of the application. Prefer them fleeting formulas that are eliminated at cleansing. With them, no risk of error.

Which products to choose?

Evanescent products, which immediately tint like tan, more real than life. Colorful in the tube but with transparent finish on the skin, they come in original textures: aerial foam, gel-cream fluid or gelled water sip of microbubbles containing pure pigments. On the skin, they offer a feeling of freshness thanks to their compositions rich in water.

How to use them?

For a uniform rendering and second skin, these makeup products apply to brush with foundation or blender sponge, on the whole face. Use immediately after the day cream and instead of the foundation. The good gesture: stretch the material by gentle movements from the inside to the outside of the face, to melt it. Finish by sliding the brush towards the chin and neck to avoid the boundaries. If the result is too light, you can add to intensify the effect.

What are their strengths ?

Light, transparent texture, these formulas allow both warm up already tanned complexions than to cheat for give a golden color to a skin lacking sun. Some of them, in the universal shade, ensure that most skin tones never make mistakes. Others offer several shades, for adjust to darker skin.

The trick in addition

These transparent and moisturizing products create a tan on the skin but do not replace the sun powder. It should not be forgotten that it does not apply to the entire face. She chooses herself slightly darker than the bronzing formula, and sweeps herself by drawing a 3 from the edge of the scalp to below the cheekbonethen to the chin to structure the face.

Thanks to Pauline Schwitzer, Artdeco Training Manager.

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