Makeup for the New Year 2021: photo ideas for a note

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Makeup for the New Year 2021: photo ideas for a note

New Year is the time of bright images and bold makeup. Glitter, bright lipstick, metallic – don’t be afraid to experiment, but don’t forget about the golden rule of make-up – there should be one accent. And for inspiration, we’ve rounded up 11 cool holiday makeup ideas you’ll really want to try!

The most popular New Year’s makeup is with sparkles. Use gray cream eyeshadow and silver glitter to accent your eyes, and apply nude lipstick to your lips.

New Year’s makeup 2021

Another – more daring version of shiny makeup – with large sparkles. The accent turns out to be very catchy, so everything else is in the nude style: the perfect tone, natural lip tint, lack of mascara and barely noticeable blush.

Makeup for the new year with sparkles

When it comes to New Year’s makeup, you can afford to experiment a little! For example, inspired by the makeup at the Valentino runway, draw eye-catching double arrows and embellish them with black crystals.

Makeup with holographic shadows and bright red lipstick will look insanely beautiful and bright. The choice for the daring fashionistas!

Neon shades are one of the fashion trends this season. Therefore, if you are already fed up with shiny shadows, replace them with neon ones. For example, bright orange like Kendall Jenner. Lip makeup is best done neutral.

A bright cherry lipstick combined with a soft golden shine of eyeshadow applied to the entire upper eyelid is a great New Year’s make-up option for blue eyes. Delicate, festive and seductive – all in one bottle.

New Year’s smoky eyes do not have to be gray-black. Makeup artists offer great “color” alternatives. Colored shadows with a metallic effect look especially impressive. This makeup for the New Year for brown eyes goes well with rich lipstick colors.

Unusual and beautiful makeup for the New Year can be done using the most incredible combinations of eyeshadows (for example, black, red and gray) and gold metallic. To make this smoky, you need cream eyeshadow and black eyeliner, which in this case replaces mascara.

New Years 2021 makeup can be glamorous but not extravagant. Using gold lip gloss, brush the V-shape of the upper lip, and then “paint” the lips with bright red matte lipstick. Perfect tone and black mascara will complete the make-up.

Eggplant lipstick also looks spectacular as an accent. Underline the eyes with thin arrows drawn along the inside of the eyelids.

For a sexy kitty look, all you need is a shimmery deep purple eye shadow, a black eyeliner pencil and a drop of sheer lip gloss.

Makeup for the new year

Video: evening makeup step by step

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