Makeup : How to have perfect skin when it’s cold? – Winter 2020 makeup tips and trends

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Trends : How to have perfect skin when it’s cold? – Winter 2020 makeup tips and trends

how to have perfect skin winter facial

The arrival of winter rhymes with cooler days and requires special care for the skin of the face and body. This week, we are particularly interested in facial treatments adapted to the winter season. In the following lines, we take a look at the question of how to have perfect skin when it’s cold. Discover tips from the pros and makeup trends for winter 2020!

How to have perfect skin when it’s cold – choose the right makeup products for the winter period

We know: in winter, the cold and the gray are the enemies of beautiful skin. So, to have a perfect face during the cooler months, opt for products that protect and hydrate the face. Below, we go over which cosmetics to go for each area of ​​it.

What makeup products for a perfect face in winter?

how to have perfect skin winter makeup

Regarding face makeup, L’Oréal brand experts advise us to bet on a more covering foundation but also enriched with moisturizing substances. Eh yes ! The winter period is perfectly suited to rich products which take the place of the summer BB cream. To awaken your skin, you don’t hesitate to use a little blush, preferably in a cream formula. We also equip ourselves with a concealer to correct small imperfections and even out the complexion.

Do you want to follow makeup trends for this winter 2020? So add skin care products to your beauty routine that add a touch of radiance.

How to take good care of your lips and show them off in cold weather?

winter makeup lip care

Lip care is essential in cold weather, no matter if you like nude lips or trendy shades of the moment. In winter, therefore, do not forget to use a nourishing balm. This year, we recommend in particular the skin care sticks for the lips. They are easier to apply without touching your face and, therefore, they are also more suitable for anti-virus instructions.

The scrub is the best way to take care of this part of your face and fight the cold at the same time. You could easily concoct your exfoliation product at home with one of our beauty recipes.

How to wear eye makeup in winter and which shades to favor?

winter eye makeup trends

Regarding the look, winter makeup trends invite us to favor richer and darker shades or, if you wish, nude shades. This season, we are free to have fun with the colors according to our preferences. To enhance your look, you can also bet on a black or brown mascara. Eyeliner, which was one of the must-haves of the previous months, remains relevant, but the summer shades are replaced by the typical winter shades.

What make-up removal products to use in winter?

winter skin care beauty tips

Regarding make-up removal, to take good care of your skin in winter, we prefer make-up removing oils or milk. These are products that provide additional hydration to the skin and are therefore ideal for combating cold weather attacks.

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