Makeup : how to make a beautiful makeup in blue

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Trends : how to make a beautiful makeup in blue

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A little bit of blue? So why not try the blue color as makeup to help you feel better? Yes, you got it right: the color blue is back in fashion for makeup. The madness of the 80s is gone and now everyone is wearing elegant colors like blue and navy and even some celebrities.

Blue is a great choice for makeup unless you know how to apply it

blue eyes makeup idea

Perhaps you have a doubt if the blue color in the form of makeup is suitable for you? Fortunately, blue makeup can be worn by everyone unless you know how to apply it properly. Even if it is often associated with immature looks, the color blue is actually one of the funniest colors to experiment with, while achieving a very beautiful result. You still need to learn how to use blue in your makeup to get the result you want.

The blue in makeup can be in the form of eyeliner, eye shadows or mascara

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How to find the best shade of blue for you

When choosing blue eyeshadows, you should consider the color of your eyes to find the shade that will suit you best and enhance your eyes. If you have blue eyes, then the color of your eye shadows should never perfectly match the blue of your eyes. Instead, using a coordinated color can help you bring out the blue in your eyes even better. So try looking for a shade of blue that is a little darker than the blue of your eyes for an eye-catching effect.

You must choose the shade of blue according to the color of your eyes and your complexion

elegant makeup in light blue

If you have brown eyes, you can wear almost any color on your eyes. Mix a denim blue color on your eyelids for a trendy interpretation of blue eyeshadows. In case you have green eyes, you can opt for the rich shades of blue which have a hint of teal for a peacock effect. And lately for hazel eyes, you can try blue with green shades to help bring out the different shades of your hazel eyes.

Navy blue makeup looks good on almost everyone

modern eye makeup idea

Where to wear blue makeup?

Makeup in the color blue can be worn everywhere and for every type of occasion unless you take care of the details. This means that the bright shades of indigo may not be suitable for work meetings, while the light blue shades that range from eyelashes to eyebrows may be a little too intense for the day.

Makeup in blue cat eye

makeup idea with eye shadows

-How to wear blue color in makeup at work? Highlight your eyes with navy blue palm shadows for a different look than the one you usually wear. This way you will add just enough color to make your eyes stand out while still being suitable for the workplace.

Interesting makeup that combines several colors at once

modern makeup in blue and yellow

-How to wear blue color in makeup for the beach? If you do not want to completely give up your makeup when you are at the beach, apply ocean color cream eye shadows on your eyelids. This type of eye shadow will help define your eyes while keeping you elegant on the sand or around the pool.

Artistic makeup with blue on the eyes

evening makeup idea

-How to wear blue color in makeup for the night? For the night, you can afford to be more daring by wearing blue. Apply royal blue eyeshadows along the lash line and blend them into a cat eye shape. Your fun look is sure to attract attention among all the other smoky eye makeup.

Modern make-up with blue eyeliner on the eyelash line

makeup with blue eyeliner

With what to associate makeup in blue?

The more daring your eye makeup, the more neutral the rest of your makeup should be. A good rule to remember: choose only a part of your face with make-up in sparkling colors and let the rest of the face complement these colors. If you wear blue eyeshadows, opt for shades of pure pink and coral on your lips and cheeks.

modern shiny makeup

That said, blue eye makeup can complement perfectly with other blue makeup choices including blue eyeliner or blue mascara. After all, you’re going to turn your eyes into the center of your look, so why not go for the full blue look? Here are some ideas for a perfect look with blue makeup:

modern makeup with blue eyeliner

Try the color blocks

Color blocking or applying the same shade of blue to the entire eyelid is the blue makeup trend that is most likely doomed to be the 80s style disaster. Yet this technique can really work. Create a dramatic effortless look for those of you who are interested in trying blue makeup but are too intimidated by the perspective of the shade and the mix that many blue makeup looks require.

blue color makeup idea

To successfully complete the color block technique with the color blue, you should choose a creamy eyeshadow formula. Use the pad of your index finger to apply the eye shadows on the eyelid from the bottom corner outward. You should then tap a little to blend the edges of the eye shadows outward to soften them. Never apply a blue block over the crease of your eyes. This will make your eyes appear as if they are too far apart and may create an unattractive hollow appearance.

the blue color in an evening make-up

Combine blue and nude

If you want to try everyday blue makeup that doesn’t seem too dramatic, try pairing blue makeup with neutral color eye shadows. You can use turquoise eyeliner to brighten up the look a little bit, which incorporates several neutral shades of eye shadows. You can also try adding a little bit of the blue color in the lower corner of the eye or on the outer edge of the eyelid in a look that includes warm shades like beige or golden shades.

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Try the blue lipstick

The blue color is naturally not only for eye makeup. There are plenty of lipsticks in blue shades to try. And even if you may think that the blue lipstick is only suitable for Halloween, it can actually create a daring focal point for your look. It’s all about finding the right formula and the right shade of blue.

makeup with blue color

It’s true that bright, powdery blue lipsticks can wash your skin tone and make you paler. However, navy blue lipstick can become a great alternative to black lipstick for those occasions when you want to try a dramatic lipstick color. The lipstick from Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick for example is a very beautiful satiny navy blue color which creates a dramatic focal point but it is less lively and less gothic than black lipstick.

blue color makeup

Opt for matte finishes

Matte finishes are always to be preferred when it comes to the color blue. If you’re trying to use glittering or shiny eyeshadows, it’s very possible that your makeup will end up being too shiny and it may not be what you’d like. If you’re wearing blue makeup, even if it’s not just an accent color in makeup that includes several other neutral colors, try using matte finishes to create a more sophisticated look. An exception to this rule can be made with dark navy blue eyeshadows or with certain eyeliners. Never be afraid to try new things and this includes blue makeup.

modern blue eyeliner

How about a blue mascara?

Adding a touch of blue mascara to your lashes is the right place to start if you want to experiment with blue makeup for the first time. Beautiful on neutral eyes or daring on smoky makeup, blue mascara makes each makeup even more interesting. How to wear it? Apply eye shadows in neutral colors all over the eyelid. Then apply a layer of your favorite black mascara and then a layer of black mascara for a cooler and more modern look.

the blue color for the eyes

Smoky makeup on the eyelids in combination with a more daring eyeliner

This look is really very beautiful and at the same time very fashionable at the moment. Apply blue eyeshadows for a smoky look with a soft, tapered mixing brush, using folded fabric as a stencil for perfect angles. To highlight the eyelash line, use a blue eyeliner in a more daring blue shade with pigments and a thin brush, placing the brush flat against the eyelashes, sliding to make a very fine line.

modern makeup in blue and black

Metallic smoked eye makeup in blue

Smoky eye makeup is always in fashion and can be worn for all types of occasions. You can create a smoky eye effect by working with charcoal eye shadows with a soft, tapered mixing brush, avoiding the lower corners of the eyes. Apply concealer or light shade of cream eyeshadows to the lower corners of the eyes, halfway down the crease and line of the lower lashes. With a stiff brush, apply blue eyeshadows for an optimal and very original effect.

Here are some rules to follow regarding makeup in blue:

-Never choose eye shadows that match the color of your eyes. You want to stand out and not look like everyone else.

stylish eye makeup

-You should always use lighter colors on your cheeks and lips. Those with red hair should opt for peach and coral shades. Blondes should choose powdery pink shades and brunettes should opt for neutral shades, pale pink and mauve.

-You should always use a primer for the eyelids. Since the color blue is a primary color, it can easily take on a different shade when applied to bare skin. For example, blue on reddish skin can turn purple. The primer will avoid all of this and will increase the persistence of makeup.

-Always use two different makeup brushes to apply the eye shadows. It is recommended to use a brush for the eyelid and a brush for the crease of the eye. Make sure you clean them often enough.

-Always take into consideration the texture of the eye shadows. This can make or completely ruin your look. The more yellow eyes are fuller and smoother, so you can still use vibrant and bright colors. More mature women should use matte colors and subdued blues that will not draw so much attention to fine lines.

-Never forget that the eye shadows are best applied on the folds of the eye towards the eyebrow, and especially if you use bright eye shadows on the eyelids. Too much glitter and shine creates an overly mixed appearance.

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