Makeup: how to make a coral mouth?

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Makeup: how to make a coral mouth?

Unify the complexion

Apply to the fingers a few drops ofa face powder fluid. Stretch the material for a very natural result, all in transparency.

Set cupid's bow

Use the tip of the grape of your lipstick, for draw precisely the V from the center of the mouth. Do not press too much during this first pass.

Color the rest of the mouth

Leave the corners to go to the center of the lips. feel free to make two passes to intensify the color.

Illuminate the outline

With the aid of a correction pen, redefine the drawing of the stuffy. This trick makes it possible to obtain a perfect result and enhances by contrast the hue of the lipstick.

Thanks to Clinique.

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In video, our advice to make a complete make-up with a lipstick:

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