Makeup : Spring 2021 makeup trend – explore what’s new!

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Trends : Spring 2021 makeup trend – explore what’s new!

With the approach of spring, the editor of Designmag takes a look at the subject of spring 2021 makeup trends for this year. We took a look at the trends in the fashion shows for this season but also the latest trends on social media. To learn more about all these new features, it’s just below!

Spring 2021 makeup trend in fashion shows

spring makeup trend 2021 fashion week

To begin our review of spring makeup trends for the new season, let’s first take a look at the runway trends. We took a closer look in particular at the trends in Dior’s fashion shows for this season. Here is what we noticed.

spring makeup trend 2021 catwalks

If you’ve seen the Dior spring collection unveiled during Paris Fashion Week in September 2020, you’ve no doubt been drawn to the gorgeous outfits and flawless makeup. The brand’s models wore thick black eyeliner, which quickly inspired us with a 21-year flashback to the turn of the 21st century.

spring 2021 fashion trends

No wonder then when Peter Phillips, artistic director of Christian Dior Makeup, announces his predictions for the coming season. He had to combine makeup with the look of Maria Grazia Curie, who adhered to the punk aesthetic. Her models were dressed in black leather dresses with rounded sleeves combined with high shoes.

Chanel spring-summer makeup trends

For the coming season, Phillips has chosen to bet on colorless lips and a smokey eye makeup. “My idea was to look a little more rebellious,” he says. He added that Curie’s punk look was just a symbol of rebellion. “If I had added mascara it would have become something sexy, and if I had used a softer finish it would have been more attractive,” says the makeup artist, indicating that the smokey eye lends an identity to the eye. look.

Chanel spring-summer makeup trends

To create this look, Phillips begins prepping the skin with an aging-fighting serum, followed by a primer and foundation. For the smokey eye effect, the expert uses matte black makeup, which he says can be applied with the fingers to create a more vibrant finish. She then uses waterproof eyeliner in a matte black to match the eye shadow and help protrude past the lower lash line.

6 spring 2021 makeup ideas and trend in the fashion shows not to be missed this season

spring-summer makeup trends fashion shows

Are you curious about other spring 2021 makeup trends? Here are the 6 hottest trends straight from the fashion shows.

Zoom on spring-summer 2020-2021 makeup trends:

  • Matte lines
  • Natural and expressive eyebrows
  • Lower hyphen
  • Purple eyelids
  • Candy lips
  • Illuminating makeup – no makeup

Matte lines

makeup trends spring-summer makeup

This is a particularly interesting trend! During the fashion shows of brands like Diore and Fendi, among others, models presented matte lines in pastel colors … If these lines are a little too pronounced for an everyday makeup, the fact remains that we can draw inspiration to use satin eyeliner in blue or cream tones is very attractive to us!

Natural and expressive eyebrows

spring-summer beauty fashion trends

Eyebrows can drastically change the appearance of the entire face. We said goodbye to artificial and thin lines a long time ago. Now we are focusing on looking more and more natural.

Slightly “intact” eyebrows are very fashionable! The solignees witches in brown and black, delicately combed with a comb or finely defined by shadow. These eyebrows have appeared on the biggest fashion shows these days.

The makeup of the lower eyelid

spring-summer beauty trends

This spring will be another season that emphasizes the lower eyelid. The dark and expressive line or the enhancement of both eyelids in intense shade is generally here for the spring-summer 2020-2021 season! Play with your favorite colors the way you want!

Purple eyelids

spring makeup trend 2021 fashion week

The delicate burgundy color, bleached purple, light plum – these colors will be particularly fashionable in the coming season. If you haven’t used shades of purple in your makeup before, you can start with eyeliner in the color that will draw the most modern line of the lower eyelid!

Lips full of delight

Spring 2021 make-up trend ready to wear

Lips for spring 2020-2021 are full of delight and sweet undertones! This trend is the very essence of girling and freshness. Soft roses and corals dominate. The finish is less important – matte or shiny – it is the color that comes first!

Illuminating makeup – no makeup

spring makeup trend 2021 natural makep

Here is something that will no doubt appeal to fans of soft, almost invisible makeup! The make up without make up this season is especially the one that is accompanied in a delicate way to highlight and brighten the face and eyes. Such makeup makes the face look younger and gives it a lot of freshness.

In short …

spring makeup trend 2021 fashion

Fashion weeks for the Spring / Summer 2021 season were a little different this year, but brands got creative – from organizing the catwalks to putting together the models.

Spring 2021 makeup trend on social networks

spring makeup trend 2021 ideas

Now let’s move on to the spring 2021 makeup trend observed on social networks. You noticed, there are a lot of trends right now, so we have a big section on them just below.

The natural makeup

spring makeup trend 2021 photos

When it comes to spring makeup trends, the first thing to notice is the importance given to the natural look. “Natural” faces have commanded the catwalks this season, with finely honed skin and understated eye shadow (if present at all). The makeup trend in spring 2021 will shift to effortless makeup. In short, it will be about highlighting the natural beauty of girls. And so much the better, because the spring season invites us to wear rather light makeup.

To protect and beautify your skin, we therefore rely on appropriate care. Because beautiful skin is essential for a light makeup. We focus on a moisturizing balm or long-lasting serum to achieve the appearance just as well.

The shape of the eyebrows

makeup trend spring 2021 summer colors

Eyebrows have gone through many shapes over the past decade, from sculpted to densely expressed in recent times. Recently, a balance has been struck and that is, it seems, the trend to follow for this season.

These are the brushed eyebrows with a few hairs stuck by chance. It’s a brow shape perfectly aligned with the “no makeup, natural shine” trend, which will be boosted in spring 2021.


makeup trend spring 2021 summer

Despite the trend of keeping natural makeup to a minimum, simple blush will be present as part of overall makeup this season. The accented lashes will also keep their look. Eyeliner and mascara will continue to be essential in any makeup routine.

Makeup colors for the spring season

spring makeup trend 2021 fashion week runway

Colors in pink, yellow, blue and green will definitely be the spring trend. These colors will fade in the spring and you will definitely see them worn on the eyes. One of the current combinations will be the powdery pink shadows, with slightly reddened cheeks and neutral lip tones.

The natural color lip balm

spring makeup trend 2021 fashion show

Natural-colored lip balms are all the rage right now. And it will continue to develop in the spring. Thanks to the fact that they are easy to apply, they are suitable for use immediately before a video conference, also under a mask to keep the lips hydrated with a little color.

Scarlet red will also be present this season. Yep, a classic red lipstick will never cease to be in fashion.

Spring 2021 makeup trend on social networks that are creating the buzz for the coming season

spring makeup trend 2021 color

Want to know more trends from social networks? Here is a list of 4 makeup trends to explore.

Smoked eyeliner

spring makeup trend 2021

Heavy eyeliner may feel like a throwback to the early 2000s (like Avril Lavigne’s style), but it’s a fact that’s going to be trending this spring. All you really need is a black Kohl pencil. Boldly sketch the eye and gently create a smokey eye effect with a shadow brush to give it a soft sound.

Purple makeup

spring makeup trend

Playing around with colorful eye makeup is a safe and easy way to create an interesting effect as the days with a mask continue to merge. Purple is the perfect balance between expressive and subtle, depending on the color of the eyeshadow and the finish of the product you are using. It also gives the classic smoky eye an unexpected touch.

The color block of colors on the face

fashion trend beauty parade week

Since spring is traditionally associated with bright colors, why stick with one shade? Color block is the perfect way to grab attention with something interesting and memorable. In fact, you can absolutely bet on a favorite color in different shades, for example, in combination with another color eyeliner.

Shiny skin

beauty trend spring fashion

Like the reflective and damp skin of dolphins, this kind of makeup is very fresh and shiny. Make-up pros like Mary Phillips have already embraced this trend. And celebrities, like Hailey Bieber, don’t hesitate to adopt it!

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