Makeup trend: 3 ways to wear pink

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Makeup trend: 3 ways to wear pink

It is applied most often on the cheeks, to create a good-looking effect. Know that pink awakens the radiance of the face as well when it is used by little touch on the lips or on the eyelids. If your skin is clear, it is tender and sweet roses that will enhance it. On the other hand, if you have a matte or ebony complexion, choose a brighter and stronger pink.

Flashy fuchsia mouth

This nuance pop is ultra-efficient for illuminate the fair skin. Unify the complexion and draw the contours of the mouth with a pencil slightly darker than the lipstick. Blend the pencil towards the inside of the lips, to create a subtle gradient, then apply the red evenly. Discipline the eyebrows with a mascara.

Chic rosewood look

Flat on the eyelid and in the hollow, this matte shade highlights green and blue irises. Combine it with a line of plum pencil at the level of the upper eyelashes and then camouflage your dark circles for to refresh your eyes. Then apply a touch of the same eyeshadow on the cheekbones and a clear bead of lip balm on the lips.

Shaded candy manicure

To wear on mid-length nails, this degraded manicure is very simple to make. Apply a protective base and then bring a small cosmetic sponge. Deposit the two colors of varnish, side by side on the sponge. Tap the whole thing on the nail with a well-supported gesture. Repeat until you get a good intensity then finish with a layer of top coat.

Thanks to Magali Marx, Clarins expert make-up.

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