Makeup : what are the trends to copy in 2020

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Trends : what are the trends to copy in 2020

ideas for a trendy makeup 2020

Time changes and with it, our beauty habits. Think about it: the way you did your makeup in 2010 has nothing to do with the way you will do it in 2020. And luckily, by the way! But what is the trend makeup that we will see everywhere in 2020?

Trendy makeup 2020: pink eye shadows

quarelle colors for shadow makeup

The start of a new decade means exciting new things to do on our faces! Bearing it is ironic that in this article we are going to talk about trends in makeup, because makeup does not mean following the rules. Make-up is more about experimenting and of course finding your own style. So, dare the bright color on your lips, try the colorful eyeliner, wear glitter when you want! Why ? Simply because you can!

Idea for trendy makeup for 2020: blue shades on the eyes

color makeup idea

2019 was like a landmark for beauty. We have seen experimental makeup and imperfect eyes go up. We also saw the avant-garde eye liner, the eye shadows hit and glitter everywhere. We also saw the rise of slightly illuminated skin tones and peach pink lip colors. And there was even a major resurgence in trendy makeup from the 90s like blue eye shadows, black eye pencil and shiny lips.

What are the modern makeup colors for the new year?

2020 trend makeup idea

So what do we do in 2020? What is the trendy makeup for 2020 that will guide us? The 2020 will be an exciting year for beauty enthusiasts because we believe that current trends will develop and undoubtedly evolve to embody the whole decade to come. Are you ready?

Clear, soft skin like glass is a very modern trend in 2020 makeup

idea for eye shadows

Glass skin

One of the trendy makeup for 2020 that is here to stay is shiny skin as if it were made of glass. You can complete this look by blending moisturizers, hightlight creams and oils to radiate your face. You can even use a strobe cream after moisturizing your skin, but before the foundation to allow your skin to shine from the inside. Also, make sure to use powders for certain areas of the face so that your skin doesn't look too oily.

What do you say about the “feathered eyebrows” trend?

pink blush on the cheeks

The feathered eyebrows

The time when you draw your eyebrows as if your life depended on them is now over. It’s time to welcome poorly made, lively and full brows. The eyebrows are starting to look more like eyebrows and less like designs. More and more women are starting to use eyebrow pens that mimic the natural shape of the eyebrows.

neon color makeup

New eyebrow treatments like brow lamination are already in the past. To have feathered eyebrows, specialists advise using soap, which is a very old Hollywood technique. Use a corner brush with brow pomade and make bristle-like lines across your eyebrows to create a more precise and fuller look. Then you can use soap and rub across the eyebrows with a mascara wand to create the feather effect.

Wearing eye liner floating in different colors is very trendy for the 2020

trend makeup for 2020

The floating eyeliner

Instead of the traditional look with traditional eye liner, you'd expect to see a lot of floating eye liners in bright colors. To create the eye liner eyeshadows, all you need is a white eye liner pencil and a sharp angled brush. Gently press eye shadows in a bright color in the shape you want to create with the color of your choice.

What is your favorite makeup style?

idea for a trendy makeup 2020

Color blocking

Monochromatic makeup was very fashionable in 2019, but how about the opposite then? Another cool way to experiment with color is intentionally blocking color with vivid shades. It doesn't matter if you pair blue eye shadows with orange lipstick or use green eye shadows with pink blush, try having fun with the colors. Specialists advise to dare the color, you will have a look that is both interesting and very beautiful.

Blue is a very fashionable color for 2020

shaded blue makeup

Watercolor eyes

It may already be time to prepare your spring makeup. Using a soft blending brush, take pastel pink blush or eye shadows, put it on the eyelids and in the creases of your eyes. Use the blending brush to create a soft shade or color that envelops your eyes. You can also use lavender or lilac eye shadows.

The inner corners of the accentuated eyes is a trend that you drink everywhere in 2020 and that the stars love

neon eyeshadows

Fresh skin and accentuated inner corners of the eyes

A little color can work miracles. Have fresh makeup focusing on clean skin and neutral eyes. For fresh and glowing skin, prepare it with the Cover FX’s Brightening Booster Drops, followed by the Cover FX’s Power Play Concealer and Foundation for a perfect finish. Then put a touch of color in the inner corners of the eyes. Using color in the tear duct of the eyes is enough to create a very beautiful look.

trendy makeup 2020 with decorated eyes

Sequins and crystals

2020 makeup trends will put bold looks at the center of attention. Even if it means simply putting glitter that goes with your makeup on the eyes or on the eyeliner. It's all easy but the result is always magical.

2020 trend makeup with negative space

Negative space

Makeup artists and makeup fans are increasingly trying to push the boundaries of makeup. The negative space on the eyes simply means leaving part of the eye unmasked. Generally it is the eyelash with a bold crease. But you can try all kinds of shapes, lines and colors. In 2020 it's about getting out of your comfort zone and being creative.

makeup in blue color

Shiny smokey eye

Forget the matte smoky eye you wear every weekend from high school. One of the most popular 2020 makeup trends is the bright smokey eye, which is a new way to wear an already tried and trusted look. To do this, first apply a makeup base on the eyelid, then decorate with glitter and apply the gray eye shadows on top.

original eye makeup

The neon cat eye

Cat eye fan? So much the better, because the cat's eye will be very popular in spring 2020. All you need to do to be fashionable and have a trendy makeup for 2020, is to change your classic black eyeliner with a neon color like by pink or green example. For example, try a neon green eyeliner to create a thick winged look.

modern lipstick in red

Red lipstick

Red lips of one form or another appear all season on fashion rugs. This year, we saw them for example on the spring parade of Prabal Gurung. The combination of mat cherry-colored lips, clean skin and highlighted brows creates a cooler, less classic look. To create such a look, prepare your lips with a lip scrub first, then apply a matte red lipstick.

makeup with white eyeliner

White eyeliner

In case you're in the mood for experimenting with cool makeup but you're not ready for neon colors or glitter eye shadows yet, then you can try the white eyeliner. This trend is a great way to stay in fashion. It’s original, it’s fresh and it’s completely unexpected without being too much. Use a creamy white pencil and apply it to highlight your eyes or to create a small film around the eye.

idea for a pink blush

Shaded eyeshadows

The trendy multi-color shaded 2020 make-up on the eyes is perfect for all spring festivals. You can choose any combination of colors, but for example gold, yellow and orange create an excellent graduation. To start, prepare your eyelids with an eye shadow base. Then take golden eye shadows and apply them by tapping in the inner corners of your eyes. Use opaque yellow in the center of the eyelids and bright orange on the rest.

brightly colored eye makeup

Contrast combinations

Wearing two different eyeshadows in contrasting colors like the Oscar de la Renta runway models is one of the best ways to experiment with color this spring. Choose two colors of eye shadows of opposite colors and put one on your eyelids and the other along the lower lash line. Try, for example, burnt orange and bright blue. Finish the look with a few coats of black mascara.

dark lipstick

Gothic lipstick

Pink lipstick in pink colors for spring? Banal. Get inspired by Bella Hadid during the Max Mara fashion show and go for the vampy look with an almost black lipstick instead. And it's a very cool look, especially worn with clothes in neutral colors. Remember to moisturize your lips with a lip balm first, then apply a lipstick in dark purple or even black. You can combine this with gray eyeshadows on the eyes.

original 2020 trend makeup

Pastel blue eyeshadows

You can always count on Marc Jacobs to create a trendy makeup look for 2020 that you will want to copy right away. In this case it is the pastel blue eyeshadows that you will start to see everywhere on Instagram in the coming months. To copy the look, use a fluffy makeup brush to apply pastel blue eye shadows on your eyelids on the top and bottom line.

trendy makeup 2020 in dark colors

Sapphire eyes

The colors of precious stones such as sapphire shades will be very fashionable in 2020. Perhaps because it is the colors that accentuate the eyes no matter what color. Apply liquid blue eye shadows first and then use a makeup brush to apply bright blue eye shadows on top. By applying two layers of different eye shadows together you will add dimension and depth to your eyes.

makeup in purple color

Purple underliner

Purple is the new pink for the next decade. Or that is to say, it is the new fashionable color that has overcome the world of makeup. You can wear it as a line above your lower eyelid like the models from Balmain's fashion show because it is very beautiful for spring. Using your fingers to gently shade purple palms below your lower lashes. Finish the look with a little black mascara and a touch of blue eye shadows in the inner corners of your eyes.

trendy eye shadows in pink

Color mascara

It's time to give up your black mascara and start experimenting with color nuances in 2020. And if you don't think you can wear pink mascara, for example, then try a dark blue or worm mascara square. These two colors will appear neutral at first glance but will make people turn around after you.

idea for makeup in 2020

Pink blush

It's time to throw out your girls' peach blushes! In 2020, everyone will wear bright pink blush to shine. And remember not to apply the blush just on the cheekbones. Apply it also on the cheeks, on the temple and below your eyebrows to create a flush all over your face and your trendy makeup 2020 is ready!

makeup with purple eyeshadows

idea for makeup for 2020

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