Manicure: this trend that was thought outdated is back to fashion

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Manicure: this trend that was thought outdated is back to fashion

Trend alert. Looking to do a summer manicure? Opt for the French manicure. It was thought to be forgotten and out of date, but it comes back to the fore in 2019. Right from 1990s, the French manicure is to apply a white varnish on the end of the nail and cover it all with a transparent varnish or slightly tinted.

On Instagram, many Internet users adopt and adore it. Even stars like Bella Hadid wear it. On long nails or on shorter nails, she goes to everybody. You can even revisit it by choosing a colored varnish to make the line instead of the classic white. Pink, green, blue ... You have the choice to make your French original.

How to make a French home manicure?

This trend is not the easiest to do at home. Indeed, the end trait can be quite complicated to achieve. But do not worry, simple tips exist to get a perfect French.

The first is the trick of thesticker : it perfectly delimits the place where you want to make the white line. Paste it on your nail according to the width you want and simply fill in the rest of white. Not a fan of stickers? Opt for a varnish pen, very fine which allows a precise application. If you are comfortable with the French, you can simply use the brush of the white varnish and correct any overflows with a dissolving pen.

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