Marine Lorphelin radiant without makeup, she assumes her "skin problems"

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Marine Lorphelin radiant without makeup, she assumes her "skin problems"

Marine Lorphelin is currently enjoying his holidays in Ibiza, Spain. She regularly posts photos of her in a swimsuit, where she appears ultra-sexy. On her last shot, the 26-year-old is in front because she takes the picture herself.

She has a big smile and most of all ... She did not no make-up. Marine Lorphelin displays her natural beauty, and wishes to send a message of self-acceptance to his fans. Indeed, the former Miss France has suffered from various skin problems for years: "It's not always easy to take care of yourself as you really are. After more than two years of skin problems, my face has spots, scars ... That I often mask ".

The young medical student also explains that she has "Decided to let my skin breathe this summer and let me breathe. Of let go. And it feels good".

Fans conquered and inspired

A decision hailed by her fans and other personalities like Caroline Receveur, Malika Ménard or Camille Cerf who support her. Under this picture that has received more than 31,000 likes, fans show him their support: "You are beautiful, do not doubt a moment of you! Letting go, I'm right in there too ... Courage "," The hell ofacne I know that well and go out without makeup for me at one time had become unimaginable ... Thank you for publishing this photo for the girls / women who follow you it is a beautiful example of humility !! Bravo".

Marine Lorphelin is then like a source of inspiration for members of her community who suffer like her, acne. And even those who do not have buttons support it: "I do not make up very little and I've always been lucky to have a skin rather top, I do not know this concern but it's true that we all have problems that we have to deal with daily even if the others do not see them! Courage to you beauty ".

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She is sublime !

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