Mascara: how to choose it?

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Mascara: how to choose it?

Points to watch out for

The shape of the brush
Privilege tips conical. Thanks to their fine tip and wider base, all eyelashes are captured and disentangled in a single pass. For a perfect finish, the balls brushes are very practical: they allow to tint the lashes the outermost.

The material of the brush
To give volume, bet on the hair brushes. Large and dense, they allow to coat the eyelash perfectly and to deposit a lot of material there. If you want a longer effect, opt for pin brushes silicone that stretch and unfold without making a package.

The formula
For an intense false eyelash effect, choose creamy textures based on wax and polymers. If they are enriched with argan or jojoba oils, it's even better. Book the waterproof on special occasions (wedding, holidays), because used in the long term, it damages the eyelashes.

The colour
The black hue is a timeless classic. For an even more intense look, try the "ultra-black" versions: ultra-micronized pigments reflect very little light (the enemy of color). Blondes or redheads with clear eyelashes will prefer brown colors, softer. The blues, purple, burgundy are reserved for the most daring.

Apply it well

With your mascara, start with put pressure at the root of the eyelashes to work the curvature. Take some material and style the entire length of the bangs. After makeup the second eye, return to the first, without adding material, and make a slight pressure for ten seconds at the tip of the eyelashes in order to fix the curvature.

The trick in addition

To avoid smudging, find a fulcrum for your wrist (cheekbone or maxillary), tilt your head back and raise your eyebrow.

The checklist

Brush: conical, the most manageable
Average price: 10 to 35 €
Life time: 3 to 6 months
The added bonus: a formula enriched with fortifying vegetable oil

our selection

Waterpoof Unlimited Mascara, L'Oreal Paris, € 15.90 / Feel Stronger Mascara, Yves Rocher, € 13.95 / Pure Color Envy lash Mascara, Estée Lauder, € 32

Thanks to Patrick Lorentz, Makeup Artist Estée Lauder

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