Mask, peeling, exfoliation … How often do you do this?

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Mask, peeling, exfoliation ... How often do you do this?

To have a beautiful skin, an irreproachable beauty routine is necessary. But care must be done every day, once a week, or more rarely (once a month). A pyramid has been designed to help you.

The care to be done every day

Among the products to use daily, there are cleansing care. Washing your face is very important for remove impurities accumulated throughout the day. That's why you have to do it after removing makeup at night. In the morning, no need to clean your face again on pain of drying the skin, the application of floral water is enough.

Other product to use daily : the eye contour. It is often forgotten, but yet its action is capital. It allowsmoisturize the eye contour, a very sensitive and fragile part of the face. The goal ? Delay the appearance of fine lines and keep a fresh look. If it is essential, the serum and the day cream are too. Every morning, apply the serum then the cream: it is essential so that the skin stays hydrated all day.

Weekly care

Once a week, be sure to make a scrub. Why ? It helps to get rid of dead cells. It also helps to smooth andto refine the skin texture. Nevertheless, consider opting for a gentle care fine-grained and natural so as not to attack your skin.

Always once a week, make a mask. It can be moisturizing, nourishing or purifying depending on the needs of your skin. It is a concentrated and intense care, ideal for a glowing skin.

Monthly or yearly care

The pyramid indicates that a peel or microdermabrasion per month. But these techniques can be too aggressive with sensitive skin. This is why it is advisable to reserve this care for rare occasions (once every three or six months for example). Microdermabrasion is about erasing the top layer of the epidermis using micro-crystals and is usually performed in a professional. A peelingit is deeper and is done through a chemical process.

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