Massages, home and institute care: anti-aging tricks that change everything

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Massages, home and institute care: anti-aging tricks that change everything

1 / A sparkling look

Cosmetic formulas : This area needs a care that is both firming, with tensor plant extracts like lupine, but also regenerating thanks to ingredients like kangaroo flower extract. Feel free to choose formulas that contain in addition to micro-reflectors to illuminate and anti-dark circles such as tri-peptides to relax.

Aesthetic solutions : If you have the eyelid that falls, botulinum toxin open the eyes in a few days and for 4 to 6 months (about 350 € the bottle). If you have bluish dark circles, carboxytherapy, which involves injecting CO2, restimulates the vascular system and gives excellent results, in 5 to 10 sessions (110 € per session). If they are rather dug, an injection of hyaluronic acid, plumps and wakes the whole area immediately (450 € the syringe).

The homemade massage : Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the eyebrow musclet slide your fingers down the length of the arcade. Then place the V-shaped fingers on the middle of the ring and spread them towards the inner and outer corners of the eyes to drain and decongest. Repeat each movement 3 times.

2 / A toned neckline

Cosmetic formulas : Relaxation, wrinkled skin, spots ... to give it a facelift, bet on sheathing and standardizing actions based on collagen or ingredients that form a lifting film such as the biopolymer of sweet almond, hyaluronic acid that plumps and smoothes the skin or illicolightening active ingredients like wasabi extract.

Aesthetic solutions : To treat a slight wrinkled effect, the doctor resorts to skinboosters (hyaluronic acid compounds very revitalizing). These injections repulpate immediately (240 € the syringe). If the neckline has stains, it is towards the laser that you have to turn. After a small phase of crusts and a week when the area is a little pink, the skin is again uniform. (100 to 200 € the session).

The homemade massage : Follow the area from the hollow of the chest to the outside making roll the phalanges on the skinclosed fists. Then flat hands, make great smoothing always from the hollow of the breasts to the clavicles. Finish with 2 minutes of Jacquet tweezers to boost blood circulation.

3 / Hands without stains

Cosmetic formulas : For them too, there is real anti-aging care. They contain Vitamin C or white mulberry extract for example to erase stains, but also plumping ingredients such as collagen. If you are often outside, do not forget to choose a formula that also contains a solar shield To protect them.

The aesthetic solution : As for the cleavage it's the laser who is privileged to make the spots disappear. The treatment is done in 1 to 2 sessionsin winter because it is absolutely necessary to avoid the sun at that time. (100 to 200 € the session).

The homemade massage : The hands have a very thin skin, so you need very soft gestures. Apply the cream then draw S with the tip of the index finger and middle finger across the back of the hand. Then insert the fingers of the other hand between the joints and go up to the wrist to smooth the skin. To do 3 times.

4 / A smoothed forehead

Cosmetic formulas : Anti-wrinkle cocktails that contain powerful active ingredients to limit the destruction of elastic fibers like turmeric or complex compounds of algae or hyaluronic acid to plump wrinkles from the inside. You can also bet on retinol, very effective in reducing them visibly and for boost the tone of the skin.

The aesthetic solution : It is without question, thea botulinum toxin. Injected on specific points, it limits the contractions of the muscles that eventually create wrinkles. Doctors advocate 2 sessions a year for a result that lasts between 4 and 6 months (450 € the bottle). For the most reluctant, the doctor can treat some wrinkles of the forehead with hyaluronic acid but the result is less durable.

The homemade massage : To relax the lion's ride, use the pulp of the indexes and draw on it the letter S. Then do the same on the entire front from right to left to "annoy" all the wrinkles, plump and relaunch the circulation. Repeat each movement 3 times.

5 / A luscious mouth

Cosmetic formulas : To find lips to chew, opt for a care that contains plumping and smoothing hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and regenerating amino acids. Some treatments may also contain menthol to create a volume (ephemeral) right from the application.

The aesthetic solution : To treat volume loss and fine lines, the doctor uses a hyaluronic acid specific to the mouthwhich restores its initial shape without changing its shape. This area is painful to inject, so you can apply anesthetic cream before the procedure (350 € the syringe). The results lasted between 2 and 8 months.

The homemade massage : This is to stimulate the circulation to plump the area. For that, do tiny tweezers along the lip lower and upper, in both directions for 1 minute. To go up the falling corners, put your arm over your head like a dancer, fingers rest on the cheek. Then grab the muscle of the cheek and pull it towards the ear. To do 3 times.

6 / A lifted neck

Cosmetic formulas : The pros often recommend doing go down serum lifting used for the face at the level of neck but there is also specific care. In both cases, the formulas stimulate fibroblasts, for example with sea fennel or chondrus crispus, or have film-forming agents to put the skin back on immediately.

Aesthetic solutions : Doctors use botulinum toxin to put the neck muscles back into their "youthful" position and erase the "ropes" effect. To uncrease the skin, the injection of skinboosters is very effective. Finally if it is a significant relaxation of the oval, the practitioner uses resorbable tensor son. He asks 2 or 3 on each side and one in the center. The result lasts at least 1 year and a half (from 700 to 1000 € depending on the number of threads).

The homemade massage : Index and major folded, smooth from top to bottom, on each side of the neck to promote drainage and fight against slackening. Then grab a crease in the middle of the neck and knead it by sliding your fingers along the jaw, towards one ear then towards the other.

7 / Plump cheeks

Cosmetic formulas : care that reinforces the density of the skin, for example triterpene centella asiatica which stimulate the production of dermal cells. For a shock treatment, you can also bet on cures saturated with hyaluronic acid different molecular weights that plump the reliefs of the face. Finally, formulas that contain beeswax are also your allies because, thanks to their sheathing effect, they reshape the features.

The aesthetic solution : When the cheeks are deepened it is hyaluronic acid that works miracles ! It allows them to find the curve and the firmness. It can even have a "catch-light" effect in filling injection at the level of the valley of tears, in the continuity of the ring, which gives an immediate youthful touch and radiance to the face (450 € the syringe) .

The homemade massage : Fold the index and middle fingers and move the jaw from the middle of the chin to the ears, to revitalize the bottom of the cheek and sculpt the oval. Then insert the fingers of both hands between them, then with the thumbs, knead the whole cheek by making like a super tonic comma to raise the jowls.

Thanks to Catherine Corcoran, Director of Darphin Global Training.

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