Meghan Markle: her old-fashioned (but very effective) trick to have luscious lips

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Meghan Markle: her old-fashioned (but very effective) trick to have luscious lips

A few weeks from his delivery, the Duchess of Sussex is radiant. Trendy outfits, heels, gala hairstyles and light and natural make-up ... Meghan Markle stay true to herself. But to give the impression of having a more pulpy mouth, the wife of Prince Harry has his little trick. The latter was unveiled by the Anglo Saxon website PopSugar.

How to do ? Simply use a make-up product very popular in 90s, but that we judge today a little past fashion: the lip pencil. Eh yes ! He is very helpful and comes back to the front of the stage.

An embellished mouth

Exit it lip contour drawn with a color too dark and different from that of your lipstick: in 2019, the pencil is worn subtly in keeping with your red. Just choose it from the same shade that latter and I apply it around the edge of your mouth. No need to press too hard, do like Meghan Markle and apply it while lightness so that nobody notices it. The goal is to perfectly delimit the contour of the lips without any demarcation being visible. Natural effect guaranteed!

This trick is used to beautify the mouth and to avoid going over when you put on lipstick. But that's not all, it also allows makeup to do not infiltrate in small fine lines that can settle down with age. We love !

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Adopt the mirror mouth!

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