Melania Trump: when the stylish first lady is controversial with her looks

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Melania Trump: when the stylish first lady is controversial with her looks

If Donald Trump expresses himself through increasingly sulphurous tweets, Melania Trump found the fatal weapon to rebel against him. Because behind her angelic face, the former model knows how to draw the garment it takes to show his total disagreement about the President's somewhat macho politics or behavior. Since then FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) regularly sends subliminal messages to her husband. According to former Trump political advisor Omarosa Manigault Newman, Melania's style rebellions are not accidental and are simply intended to punish her husband.

And hostilities were really launched on June 21, 2018. While Donald Trump announcement the project to build a wall on the border between the United States and Mexicoe, the beautiful Slovenian goes to a center for undocumented children. And for the occasion, she wore a Zara khaki jacket on which was inscribed this famous message " I really do not care, do u? (I do not care, and you?) ". Through these messages, which left a large number of Americans speechless, the tabloids saw a real rage against the migration policy of her husband which has led more than 2,300 children to be separated from their parents. The beginning of a long list of polemics of dress.

Melania Trump: a politically incorrect fashionista

At each of their appearances, Melania Trump's outfits leave no one indifferent. In the 2016 presidential elections, on the occasion of the second televised debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the eyes were on the future First Lady and his fuchsia blouse with lava collar from Gucci. This node translated "pussy bow" in English refers to the female gender. An implicit attack to the scandalous and sexist previous remarks of her husband. From then on, Melania Trump leaves little room for chance in the choice of her outfits. Last April, to welcome the Macron couple to the White House, FLOTUS wore a white hat with wide brim. A nod to the clip "Training" of singer Beyoncé to denounce the scandal of her husband with Stormy Daniels, star of pornographic films.

In addition to her political messages, the 48-year-old Slovenian is often flowing ink for her exorbitantly expensive outfits. Lately, Melania Trump attended her husband's speech to the Venezuelan Committee in the United States in a flowery dress by Gabriella Hearst. An estimated outfit 2.200 euros that quickly scandalized as thousands of Venezuelans face a humanitarian crisis. And Mrs. Trump does not have her first try in the sartorial scandal category. On several occasions, the First Lady has fallen for the very trendy camel coat. In February she wore a very chic model of the Roksanda brand at more than 3,500 euros while the Americans had just come out of ashutdown ", the longest in history, leaving nearly 800,000 short-time employees.

The First Lady loves luxury and demonstrates it on each of her official outings. For her official trip to Africa in early October 2018, Melania appeared ravishing in a Celine dress at 1.750 euros accompanied by a pair of stilletos Manolo Blahnik at 540 euros. What to put the planet in turmoil. In addition to its chic and elegant French looks, Melania Trump offers a real show of dresses often inappropriate. Colonial hat in Kenya, high heels to meet the stricken populations after the storm Harvey in Texas, The First Lady really imposes his style is both chic and shock.

With Donald Trump's presidential term coming to an end in 2021, the beautiful Slovenian woman has two more years to offer her new fashion escapades.

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