Menopause: all the good things we do not talk about enough

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Menopause: all the good things we do not talk about enough

When we talk about menopause, it is more often the unpleasant symptoms that come to mind. And yet: "This transition period in women's lives does not bring only negative things", assures Dr. Odile Bagot, gynecologist, author of the blog Mam Gynéco and Menopause, do not panic! (to be published on 19/04/2019 at Mango ed.).

Menopause: the health benefits

"Women who have painful menstruation or cycle-related health problems can be reassured and at menopause everything will improve."says Dr. Bagot. This concerns for example women who suffer:

"At menopause, these women will no longer have breast pain as was the case during their menstrual cycles, fibroids regress, endometriosis disappears." The typical migraines related to the rules will also be considerably improved.

The arrival of menopause is also a breath of fresh air for all women who have had problems with contraception, do not support certain pills or IUDs or have contraindications to various contraceptive methods.

Menopause, maturity and serenity

Is the menopause a psychologically difficult stage? "Not at all !"says the gynecologist. "It's the peri-menopause that can be tricky because it's a transition, during which a change of balance is in effect, like adolescence in some way."

"At the menopause, women find a great freedom, they will be able to make life choices for them.Psychologically, they are much stronger", she assures, supporting evidence. "A study conducted in Geneva (1) has shown that the most difficult period for a woman to live is 40-45 years." Past this milestone, maturity and self-confidence prevail.

Do not be surprised if you discover an artist talent at the menopause. Many women reveal their artistic potential at this point in their lives. Because they have more time for them? Not really. "Menopausal and sometimes retired women have a much more busy schedule than in their early youth.This renewed creativity would have a psychoanalytic explanation.2 Until the menopause the woman would put her main attention into maternity, In a real or symbolic way, with this attention lifted, it can invest all its creativity potential elsewhere. "

Menopause and sex life

"Once menopause is established, the quality of sex life will depend on two criteria: the quality of the previous sexual life and the relationship you have with your partner." These two conditions combined, there is no reason that menopausal sexuality is less fulfilled and satisfying than before. On the contrary!

"Sexual desire is linked to testosterone (3), hormone more present at menopause ... Menopausal women therefore have a libido and sexual drive more important than before. " The problem ? "The sexual act itself relies heavily on estrogen, especially for vaginal lubrication." However, this hormone drops at menopause. The desire is there but the lubrication takes longer and is less abundant. As Dr. Bagot very well illustrates: "We spend a little bit of diesel fuel."

Nothing alarming so far, you just need to add a "starter": "Plan preliminary 20 minutes before penetration, either with your partner or alone.Make up your desire, make your imagination work, stimulate your clitoris ..." It is therefore sufficient that the body is "prepared for sexual intercourse". And everything will happen as wonderfully as you wish. It's that simple.

Thanks to Dr. Odile Bagot, gynecologist, author of the blog Mam Gyneco and Menopause, do not panic! (to be published on 19/04/2019 at Mango ed.)

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(2) Theory of psychologist Madeleine Gaydan
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