Men's haircut, the most beautiful ideas inspired by the stars

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Men's haircut, the most beautiful ideas inspired by the stars

To forget the received ideas! No, men do not have a style of their own. On the contrary, we have fun on both male and female hair. Of very short in lengths no longer assumed, let us now recognize the rule is that there are more.

A well-dressed man wins immediately in elegance. The male starslapped on the subject, are still in the habit of trends in terms of haircuts. It must be said that these men treading the red carpet, walking the stadiums or even the musical scenes, are like their female colleagues, surrounded by sizes in the field. We can then trust them when it comes to drawing inspiration from the hairstyle who will make the boy a man.

The classic short style that looks great

We do not change a team that wins, and there it is the same. The short classic style who has stuck so well to our fathers and grandfathers before them, does not lose his panache and is still the number 1 cup on the heads of these gentlemen. We innovate a minimum like Guillaume Canet or giving him a few extra millimeters, we do not necessarily gummy and we let them willingly dry in the open for a messy styled effect the sexiest.

The mid-length style takes the lead

We see it more and more. Hairdressed in bun or caressing the shoulders, the mid-long seduces more and more men who now assume that lengths can also rhyme with virility. Adopted for a few years by actors Jared Leto and Jason Momoa, we have seen the mid-length combed bun on many football stars and rap as Nekfeu. Fashion born under the spotlight that eventually invade the streets and we must say that we like it!

Find our man-inspired haircut ideas

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