Menstrual cycle: do you know the 4 phases of the female cycle

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Menstrual cycle: do you know the 4 phases of the female cycle

Women's cycle user manual

If each woman has a cycle of her own, great lines stand out by observing her. The best known being the rules phase ... This period of rules corresponds to a falling hormones (progesterone, estrogen...) inducing a menstrual blood loss. Generally, a hard cycle 28 days, which can be cut into 4 phases. Each of these phases has its own qualities, that can be associated with the 4 seasons. A menstrual cycle begins with the rules. So we start in winter, period of menstruation. Then comes spring with a renewed energy, then the summer that marks the period of ovulation. To end in autumn with the pre-menstrual week, a time so much feared by women suffering from pre-menstrual syndromes. In his well-documented work « Women's cycle and natural contraceptions "At the publisher Hachette practice, Audrey Guillemaud, trainer to the symptothermal method, formalized these four seasons.

The winter of the cycle and the woman "Racine": " It is the season of withdrawal and inner concentration. (...) The levels of estrogen and progesterone drop in the bloodstream. The cervix opens, the rules flow and the uterus returns to its original state, to zero! »Sweating, cravings, greasy hair ... 16 inconveniences that happen during our periods

The spring of the cycle and the woman "Leaf": " By the end of menstruation, women will experience a gradual rise in energy, linked to the hormonal reactivation of estrogen up. (...) The priority of the body is to ensure the best fertilization conditions possible. The role of estrogens, then in significant increase in the blood, will be to produce a fertilizable ovum, a cervical penetrable to the spermatozoa, and a welcoming densified uterus. "

The summer of the cycle and the woman "Fruit": Summer is the phase of giving, of attentive opening to the other and of a feminine presence that is both rooted and radiant. (...) Estrogen boosts the quality of skin with a refined grain and beautifies hair that is at its best, bright and vigorous. ⋙ Ovulation: 4 signs that prove you are in the right period to get pregnant

The autumn of the cycle and the woman "Trunk": "Autumn is precious because, like winter, it's an introspection phase dedicated to helping you evolve. (...) Progesterone increases in the blood (...). Breasts will grow (...), the belly may be a little less flat because progesterone can promote water retention. Heavier sleep, deeper and more restorative (...)

The cycle of day-to-day rules

Founder of the Red School, psychotherapist Alexandra Pope is one of the pioneers in knowledge of the cycle. In his latest book "Magic of the female cycle"At Mama editions, she takes a new look at the rules.A few keywords to find you.With her, while the woman is settled, she is invited to immobility, detachment, acceptance, the natural presence, the purification, the appeasement, the enlarged consciousness, the bliss, and the perception of all life as sacred.To live in harmony with its cycle, it is therefore necessary these days to demand it from the space for oneself, letting go and resting and taking care of one's body Alexandra Pope pushed her observation up to characterize the 5 days that the rules usually last as follows:
Day 1: isolation
Day 2: abandon
Day 3: renewal
Day 4: vision
Day 5: clarity and direction

What is the rules?

Audrey Guillemaud explains: « Far from being "simple" blood, the flow of menstruation is composed of nutrient fluids because what flows is the nourishing surface produced in proliferative and secretory phase in the uterus, in order to hang the egg and to help him in his cell divisions. She cites a recent American study that showed that menstrual blood contains many stem cells, called "endometrial regenerative cells." And to conclude: " Think about it the next time you are settled, because it shows that the natural rules are not one without "dirty", "shameful", "hurt" or "pain", but a flow containing a real life energy . This can help you to posit a positive intention on your rules! They are precious! ". ⋙ How to talk about rules to my daughter

What is the duration of the menstrual cycle

A menstrual cycle begins on the first day of the rules, and ends the day before the next rules. It is generally accepted that it lasts 28 daysbut this duration varies from one woman to another… and can evolve all your life. Some women may have a cycle 26 days short and others a plus 31 days long. You can also have a irregular cycle, or very long or very short before having children, then see your cycle regulate with the years. It is often observed that when a woman is interested in her cycle and follows her evolution closely, it begins to evolve. Advice : the moon has a cycle of about 28 days. If you are having fun locating the state of the moon at the time of your period, it is possible that in a few months your cycle synchronizes with the lunation. ⋙ Everything you need to know about the menstrual cycle

The works cited in this article: " Women's cycle and natural contraceptions »Published by Hachette pratique, by Audrey Guillemaud

"Magic of the female cycle"at Mama editions of Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

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