Metamorphosis: Shy'm changes radically

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Metamorphosis: Shy'm changes radically

Is this the next release of his album Agape who gave him the desire for renewal? In any case, the pretty Shy'm wanted to change radically from a look to a platinum blond and shortening its lengths.

So it's a short square blond and slender that the interpreter'So what ! adopted, having kept his bangs that are now flush with the eyelashes. A pop coloring and ultra trendy which totally changes the appearance of the singer with long black hair.

Coming soon to the cast of the profiling series, it is Shy'm herself who posted her platinum look on her Instagram account, pleasing her many subscribers: "Magnificent. It suits him very well. The square and the blonde, she can change her head, look everything fits him well. Very beautifulsays one of them.

And you what do you think ?

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