Milk manicure 2021 – stylish design ideas

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Milk manicure 2021 – stylish design ideas

Milky Nails or simply “milk nails” is a new trend in manicure that appeared last year and became one of the most fashionable designs in the nail industry in 2021.

The milky-colored manicure, as is commonly believed, was “born” on the expanses of Instagram, and celebrities, including the American rap singer Lizzo and model Kylie Jenner, were picked up.

However, the milky color of nails as a fashion trend in manicure appeared even earlier – at seasonal shows in early 2020. Moreover, in a variety of versions: David Koma and Elie Tahari offered a minimalistic milky manicure for short nails, and Rick Owens showed an extravagant version – very long curved false nails covered with milky white varnish.

What is the secret of Milky Nails popularity? It’s all about color. After all, milk is the “golden mean” between transparent and matte white manicure. A translucent, like a blurry shade, reminiscent of skim milk in a glass, gave the name to the fashion trend.

Milk manicure 2021

To create a milk manicure, different masters use different techniques: some people prefer acrylic powder, on top of which a top is applied, someone is experimenting with gel polishes. There are those who use both acrylic and varnish at the same time.

However, in order to get a trendy color, it is not at all necessary to go to a salon – using ordinary nail polishes, you can also achieve a translucent effect. Experts recommend using glossy nail polishes in white and very light pink tones for this. One color is applied to the center of the nail, the second – from either side. Make sure that the border between the varnishes is not visible. To get the milk effect, 2-3 layers are enough with a basic top and a shiny top on top.

This monochrome coating is self-sufficient and looks great on its own. But if you want to diversify the design of milky nails, you can experiment with decor by adding shiny rhinestones, glitter, foil or simple white designs. In addition, on the basis of milk nails, you can make a French manicure or a gradient manicure with sparkles on 1-2 nails.

Milky translucent manicure
Milk glitter manicure
Milk manicure with flowers
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