Mini skirt: how to wear this trendy piece without doing vulgar

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Mini skirt: how to wear this trendy piece without doing vulgar

Symbol of women's emancipation and unconventionality, the mini-skirt does not take a false fold. Popularized by Brigitte Bardot, loved by Meghan Markle and adulated by Brigitte Macronit's been more than fifty years since must have proudly displays women's knees and thighs. Whoever says mini, does not necessarily mean noisy. On the contrary, under the mini-skirt hides a true stylistic symbol. In the sixties, yéyé years, the woman frees herself from dress codes. A height of indecency that the French fashion designer André Courrège presents on the catwalks for his spring / summer 1965 collection.

Since then, the mini-skirt continues to reinvent itself. This year, there is still something to please with the new collections, the proof with our 25 canons for the season ! This essential of the wardrobe is declined once more to the desire to fill all the styles and all the silhouettes. Right or flared, close to the body or flounced, she plays with her charms to seduce a large number of fashionistas. For this, the mini-skirt puts the odds on his side. In leather for a femme fatale side, jeans for a casual or even in tweed for a refined style, it is essential this season as well in immaculate white as in a yellow solar grazing the fluorescent. If it is short, the skirt knows very well checkered even if she is not afraid to play it rock'n roll in flashy red vinyl. The big novelty on the other hand this year for this queen of the basics, it will be its bohemian version in suede or in wallet to thefloral print. What to go back in time scopitones years. But the big star of this season is indeed the corduroy. In sky blue, rust or tart rose, we have fun! The mini-skirt also seems to have tamed wild prints with the arrival of sunny days. Leopard, python and zebra, all patterns are allowed to adopt it in a look at safari-chic style.

Mini skirt: the golden rules to wear it and avoid the effect too much !

Rule # 1: Pretty tights, you will put on. Even if the curve of your calves is envious, a pair of tights opaque or semi-opaque will bring an elegant note to your mini skirt set. The sobriety of the tights will create a balance with this ultra-glamorous fashion piece. In the same way, the tights will emphasize your pretty game of legs, why so to be deprived? And if you've chosen a classic mini-skirt, you can always bring a fancy note to your look by crunching for a polka-dot or herringbone pair in the Fendi spirit.

Rule # 2: Stiletto heels, you'll leave in the closet. There is no point waving in front of your shoe collection. Even though shoes refine the silhouette and are the pinnacle of femininity, you could create a vulgar look. It is well known, today princesses wear sneakers. A perfect pair to shift a gingham or chain-print wallet skirt. And for a folk sideyou can crack for a pair of Marlboro. This great trend of the season will perfectly complement a denim mini skirt or suede adorned with buttons in front. Finally, present each season, a small pair of boots with square heels will perfectly accompany your flying skirt with a country spirit.

Rule n ° 3: the big necklines, you will let fall. The mini-skirt lends itself to all occasions and especially to all styles. For a sunny and laid-back weekend, the white T-shirt or a sweater Thin mesh worn underneath your favorite denim jacket will do the trick. On the contrary, for a glamorous effect, we put on the leather skirt accompanied by an elegant white blouse. In order to play on the contrasts, you can always accompany your mini-skirt with the unavoidable XXL blazer jacket. A piece that brings a note boyish to your ultra-feminine look.

Rule n ° 4: your morphology, you will privilege. To be both sexy and elegant mini-skirt, we pay special attention to its silhouette. If you have a silhouette in H or in 8, we opt for the trapeze mini-skirt. This is perfect for creating the effect of a lifted line and erase your breeches. And why not crack for a piece tall to hide the flare of your belly. On the contrary, if you have a slender figure, you can afford a ministraight skirt indeed pencil. It will highlight your shapes and give you the look of bomba latina at the JLO. If you have a flat stomach, you can crack for a Ruffle wrap skirt or pleated.

With all these tips and our shopping selectionyou are ready to challenge the theme "Elegant and chic in mini-skirt" without an ounce of vulgarity.

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