Minimalist beauty: 5 easy make-up make-up recipes at home

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Minimalist beauty: 5 easy make-up make-up recipes at home

Before embarking on making make-up, it is important to make a point on the product conservation. If they are without preservatives, they must be used faster than ordinary cosmetics. Each recipe has its own life. Another important point before you start: equipment. It must be sterilized to avoid all risks.

1 / The makeup remover

Here are two homemade make-up removers for the eyes and for the complexion. To clean your face and rid it of makeup, just take a tablespoon of vegetable oil, heat it in the palms of your hands and massage your face with it. Which one to choose ? If you have oily skin, focus onjojoba oil. Your skin is dry? Opt for someAlmond or rose hip.

To remove the make-up from your eyes, mix a tablespoon of dried flowers of chamomile with 200 ml of boiling water, then infuse the petals 30 minutes off the heat. This mixture is applied on a cotton and can only be kept for one week. *

2 / The gourmet lip balm

Taking care of your mouth is very important. This sensitive area can be attacked by the cold, the wind, but also by your lipstick. Here is a very easy recipe: start by melting in a bain-marie a tablespoon ofapricot kernel oil and the same amount of beeswax. Take the mixture out of the fire and wait for it to cool before adding 3 drops of vanilla essential oil. Mix well and you're done. Be careful, this balm must be used within 6 months. **

3 / The basic black mascara

To make this recipe, you will need 20 grams of tinted mascara base, 1.8 grams of Natur'lift cosmetic active ingredient and 0.6 grams of Volum'cils cosmetic active ingredient (use a very accurate scale). Mix in a stainless steel bowl and let stand 15 minutes. Mix a second time and, with a pipette, transfer all into a special mascara bottle (with a pipette). To you long eyelashes and provided ! ***

4 / The red nail polish

Yes, you can make your own nail polish! You just have to have 6 grams of a polish base neutral and 0.35 grams of red dye. Mix and put the mixture in a bottle. That's it.*

5 / A good-looking blush

A blush is very easy to do at home. You just have to mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with two tablespoons of white clay in a clean bowl. Add powder of beet until you get the desired shade. Your powder is ready.

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