Morpho coaching: what to wear after 50 years?

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Morpho coaching: what to wear after 50 years?

You are small

If you do not have a lot of chest, bet on loose tunics, or on shirts and t-shirts not too close to the body. On the other hand, if your cleavage is advantageous, opt for a slightly open shirt or a polo with elegant buttoning. The spaghetti top is also ideal if you are slim and sporty. It will elegantly showcase your upper body as well as your head wear. At the end of the day, add a cardigan or blazer jacket to give you more style. Side colors and prints, you can do everything!

You are round

Let yourself be tempted by fitted or slightly loose tops in comfortable fluid material. Choose them long to hide your small defects like hips too wide or to cover a saddlebags. If you have arms too round, prefer the tops with three quarters or long sleeves to refine them. On the material side, choose a fine knit or a cotton voile. As for colors, prefer light or bright colors, with or without prints. But anyway, use the darker colors to hide your little complexes and book the color to enhance your assets as your cleavage. The tops with a slightly V-shaped collar and embellished with a long necklace will lengthen your figure. On the other hand, if your breasts are too generous, prefer the square collar or clam, which will be more chic. Finally, the round necks, which tend to grow, will be particularly suitable for women who have a medium chest.

To avoid after 50 years

  • the bustiers that highlight curves at the arms and shoulders
  • the imposing prints
  • shiny materials that do not flatter the silhouette
  • overlays of tops
  • the frous-frous that give scale
  • tops that are too loose and shapeless,
  • the sleeves too puffy
  • horizontal stripes.

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