Mosquito, ticks, snakes … How to react in case of bites?

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Mosquito, ticks, snakes ... How to react in case of bites?

Animals to avoid this summer

From mosquitoes to snakes, to sea urchins ... Hidden in winter, small animals emerge from the first temperature rises. And this is not always good news for walkers, bathers or homebody: these animals can attack.

The insect that stings the most is the female mosquito; the blood of its victims helps to nourish it. It is harmless if it does not belong to the species of tiger mosquitoes, responsible for the transmission of certain diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. On the other hand, contact with other animals is more dangerous, such as hornets, snakes or processionary caterpillars whose attacks require a specific and urgent reaction.

What are the recommendations? In which case, call emergencies? What tools are needed?

>> Discover in pictures what to do in case of bites, bites or other animal attacks this summer.

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