Mycoses, verrucas, calluses: 4 tips to treat your feet

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Mycoses, verrucas, calluses: 4 tips to treat your feet

Between tight shoes, high heels and long days, our feet are too often abused. Yet they allow us to travel between 6,000 and 10,000 steps a day. It is therefore essential not to neglect them. Not to mention that a podiatry concern, even minor (a crevice, an ingrown toenail ...) can have serious repercussions - from "simple" acute pain to ... amputation in the diabetic person. In short, taking care of your feet means taking care of your health!

Plantar wart: how to get rid of it?

To get rid of it, the most effective is still cryotherapy in the podiatrist. Beware of the self-medication kit, the risk of cold burn is real. At home, you can bet on the essential oil of cinnamon: a drop on the lesion every two days, from 6 years for about 3 weeks. Namely: the HPV virus (responsible for warts) penetrates more easily in wet skin. Dry your feet thoroughly after showering and do not walk barefoot on the edge of a pool.

The right product: highly accurate, the Urgo Resistant Warts pen eliminates the lesion without damaging healthy skin around. From 4 years old. 13,50 € in pharmacy.

Mycosis of the nail: how to make it disappear?

Onychomycosis (this is its scientific name) is caused by a microscopic fungus: the contaminated nail becomes thick and yellowish. In addition to conventional antifungal treatments to buy in pharmacies, it is now possible to eradicate fungus through laser treatment. A painless and effective solution. Count 5 sessions in the podiatrist. To know: we must always wait for the regrowth of 9 to 12 months to display a healthy nail.

The right product: formulated with essential oils and lactic acid, Mavala's MavaMed nail polish immediately stops the growth of mycosis. 5 mL bottle, 22 € in pharmacy.

Incarnate nail: how to relieve yourself?

From the first symptoms (a red "bead" where the nail sinks into the skin), we make an appointment for a podiatrist for an orthonyxia session. It corrects the curvature of the nail with special equipment. In the meantime, an antiseptic foot bath soothes the pain. Namely: the nails should be cut straight (not in a semicircle), protrude from the edge of the toe by 2 to 3 mm and be cut after the shower, when softened.

It's new: the Scholl Clip & Spray Clip On Nail Kit relieves pain and rectifies ingrown toenails in approximately 6 weeks. From 17 € in pharmacy.

Cracks on heels: Tips for repairing the skin

These tears appear when the skin, very dry, eventually crack. Painful, they are most often at the level of the heels that carry most of the weight of the body. To overcome, weekly scrubs using a manual or electric grater (depending on the depth of the crevice) associated with a daily hydration with a specific repair cream (balm feet and heels Cicaléïne Akiléïne, enriched vitamin B5, soothes pain from the first use). To know: avoid shoes very flat and without buttresses to maintain the foot (type sandals) that accentuate the pressure on the heels.

Me good product: extra-rich, Apivita cracks, callosities and chapped cream is enriched with vitamin E that accelerates healing. 12,90 € on and in pharmacy.

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