Nabilla Benattia: its physical evolution in images

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Nabilla Benattia: its physical evolution in images

Reality TV Star

She could have remained anonymous after a flash in the show love is blind. But the young woman of just 18 years thirsty for celebrity and does everything to be noticed: vertiginous necklines, excessive makeup, raven black coloring ... We see it! It becomes a real popular attraction when it pronounces in Angels of reality TV a phrase now cult: "Hello! No but hello, what ! You're a girl, do not you have shampoo? Hello? Hello ! I do not know, do you accept me? You're a girl, you have no shampoo! It's like I'm saying, you're a girl, you do not have hair!".

The stabbing case

While she chained televisions and shoots, Nabilla's career stopped hurriedly: the young woman is incarcerated in November 2014 for having stabbed several times her companion, Thomas Vergara. She will spend four weeks in detention before retiring from the media for a few months.

His media return

In April 2016, Nabilla publishes her first book, an autobiography titled Too fast. In interview, she appears much simpler, unloaded from her makeup and dressed more simply. In November 2018, Nabilla launches its own cosmetics brand called Neb Cosmetic. Addicted to social networks, she multiplies partnerships and becomes a true influence of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. On April 10, 2019, she announces to be pregnant with her companion, Thomas. So what beauty looks pregnant woman we reserve?

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