Natural beauty: 5 tips for sensitive skin

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Natural beauty: 5 tips for sensitive skin

1 / It cleans up gently

"Micellar water is the enemy of sensitive skin. The water it contains tends to promote the drying of the epidermis ", explains Céline Danslous, doctor of pharmacy at Laboté. "The ultimate is to remove makeup with oil". But be careful not just any. For delicate skins, choose an oil based on aloe vera, camelia or calendula.

2 / Clay to purify

The mistake is often made but yes, dry skin is entitled to clay to clean the epidermis. White is the most suitable. "The trick to have the benefits of the product without drying the skin is to apply the mask and remove it before the clay dries completely," says Céline Danslous. For cadence, once a week, see every fortnight in winter.

3 / No, with essential oils

"Essential oils are far too aggressive for this type of skin". They are therefore to be banned from the beauty routine. "In the beauty routine, we favor sweet plant extracts like magnolia known to reduce redness or blueberry," advises Céline. "They are less instrumental and just as effective."

4 / Oatmeal bath

Sensitive skin sometimes involves problems like eczema or psoriasis. To relieve it, we can use oatmeal known for their soothing virtues. "For this, you infuse 250 grams of flakes in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes and then pour the infusion into your bath. The color of the water can become milky, it's normal, "reassures Céline Danslous. This solution is also suitable for babies, unlike, we will ensure to properly filter the water before putting it in the bath.

5 / Fight against external aggressions

The last beauty advice may seem outdated and yet, it is essential for sensitive skin: protect yourself from external aggression. This involves daily actions that make the difference as well dry skin (by dabbing and not rubbing). Protect from UV rays with a cream and limit its exposure to the sun. We cover up the face (and the body) when there is wind, the skin does not like that!

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