Not boring five days: top 5 looks for office work

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Not boring five days: top 5 looks for office work

The realities of 2020 and 2021 made our home an office, which made it possible not to think about a work dress code, search for a white shirt and wonder what to go to work today. But now we are actively returning from a remote location and there is nothing better to return stylish, confident and inspired.

Image stylist Lidiya Sharova has selected TOP-5 looks for office work. Instagram @lidiya__sharova

White and black

A situation may arise that the employer strongly recommends that employees stick to black and white colors in their clothes. In this case, I recommend that you experiment with styles, textures and accessories so that your looks are not monotonous.

A white laconic blouse with a vertical line of buttons and a V-neck will be an excellent replacement for a cotton fitted shirt. An elegant blouse with a bow at the neck or wide cuffs of a shirt that accentuate the jacket sleeves.

Office look: strict dress code
Office look: strict dress code
Office look: black and white
How to dress for work: like this

If you can get a little more

Many companies move away from a conservative dress code and allow a little more to their employees than a white top and a black bottom. Here we can add to our arsenal a pleated skirt in a neutral color, which will perfectly match blouses, laconic tops as in the photo, with jackets and badlones. Shoes: pumps, loafers, boots (the length of the skirt should overlap the boots).

What to go to work
Business look for the office 2021-2022

The same suit

A suit is the best investment in your wardrobe when it is a straight-cut jacket and trousers. Add some color to your wardrobe this spring with a lavender, olive or sky blue suit. Wear it together or separately, with a blouse, shirt, badlon, or T-shirt.

Business suit lavender for office work
Business style image
How to dress for the office: examples

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Palazzo trousers are long trousers with wide legs that widen from the waist. They will harmoniously fit into an office wardrobe, but at the same time they will add elegance and diversify your looks. You can combine them in a costume story without a jacket: with blouses, badlones and T-shirts. Palazzo trousers also perfectly adjust the figure if there is a request to stretch the silhouette and hide the “ears” on the sides.

Palazzo pants paired with a blouse
Beige palazzo pants paired with a blouse
Stylish look for work 2021-2022

Me a dress please

Dress! It even sounds nice. If we abstract from the strict dress code, we can add femininity and even romance to everyday work looks.

Flying shirt dress with jacket and boats. A mustard-colored jacket dress is almost a case, but what an interesting color, there is a lot of color in trend this spring. And in conclusion, a dress with an animal print, but at the same time restrained and elegant, add black pumps or heeled boots.

Dress combined with a jacket for work
Dress for everyday life
Dress for work photo

We do not forget about the appropriateness even with a loyal attitude to the dress code at work: it is better to leave ripped jeans, beach style or evening dresses for the appropriate occasions.

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