On the cob, long, on the side … What braid to adopt for my wedding?

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On the cob, long, on the side ... What braid to adopt for my wedding?

The happiest day of your life is fast approaching. The dress, the guests, the meal ... Everything is perfect and it's time to decide on which hairstyle to adopt. To be The most beautiful at your wedding, you have the choice between several types of hairstyles : leave your hair loose, tie them in ponytail, in a bun, or in braids!

Multiple possibilities according to its length of hair

This behind is very trendy and can be embellished with original bridal accessories such as barrettes or flowers to give a country effect. Then you can adopt the braid in different ways. The first, simple, is to make a mat, on long hair or shorter. Want to vary? Make a braid on the cob : it is simple to do and very stylish. If your hair is long, the option of a braided bun can be considered: it is a chic and original hairstyle.

Short or long hair can adopt the glued mats : one or more, on the side or in the middle of the hair ... You have several possibilities, free to you to choose the one that suits you best!

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