Pain in the scapula: 5 tips from the osteopath

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Pain in the scapula: 5 tips from the osteopath

The scapula pain is most often of mechanical origin. "The scapula is part of the shoulder, a key area of ​​the body that includes 5 interconnected joints, which means that a bad posture of one can affect the other," says Adrien Ezine, osteopath.

"Scapula pain usually occurs when the local muscles (the subscapularis, infra-thorny, small round and supraspinatus, in particular) remain contracted for a long time, mainly in response to poor Forearm posture One could speak of a bad cladding. "

At the origin of the scapula pain, there are therefore our bad habits. Wear baby unsecured, do not stretch in the evening, spend hours in front of his computer (or in front of his smartphone) with an unsuitable posture ... It hurts!

How does the pain appear on the scapula?

If scapula pain can affect everyone, the osteopath alerts especially those who work daily on a computer, smartphone addicts and ... young parents.

"What causes pain to the shoulder blade is often a prolonged elevation of the forearm : when you manipulate your computer mouse all day long without putting your forearm on your desk, for example, or when feeding your baby bottle every day without placing your forearm on a cushion, or even when you consult your smartphone / tablet in the evening without putting your forearm on the armrest of the sofa "develops Adrien Ezine.

But pain in the scapula may also reveal the presence of certain pathologies: "If the pain concerns the left scapula with chest pain, a cardiac problem may be involved. Acute scapula pain can also be a sign of pulmonary pathologywarns the osteopath. In general, if the pain is intense and no posture relieves it, it is essential to make an appointment quickly with his doctor. "

My shoulder blade hurts: what can I do?

If the pain is of mechanical origin (that is to say: if it is diminished or, on the contrary, worsens according to your posture), some solutions can be put in place:

  • In the evening, massage your scapula for several minutes with a heated balm - to buy in a pharmacy. Otherwise, prepare a massage oil by mixing 20 drops of vegetable oil (a sweet almond oil, for example) with 5 drops of sweet-scented essential oil (Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall) anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Caution: this essential oil is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, as well as in children under 6 years old and in people with eczema, asthma, ulcer or hiatal hernia.
  • To prevent pain (especially if you work on the computer every day), do this stretch regularly for 20 seconds: with your left hand, grab your right wrist in your back, arms outstretched, back straight. Bring your right wrist a little to the left, tilting your head to the left. Repeat on the other side, with the left wrist.
  • If you have regular shoulder blade pain, morning and evening, do this stretch for 20 seconds: with your back straight, your left arm raised horizontally, use your right hand to bring your left elbow to the right. Repeat on the other side, with the right elbow.
  • Think about the ergonomics of your workstation: your forearm must always rest on something - a desk, an armrest, a cushion ... Every day, before starting to work, check that your forearm is not in elevation.
  • From the first pains (not acute and in the absence of other symptoms), make an appointment with an osteopath. "Do not wait too long: if the situation is not treated, there is a risk of inflammation of the tendon, that is to say, tendonitis" advises Adrien Ezine. If the pain persists after 2 sessions, a doctor's appointment is required.

thanks to Adrien Ezine, osteopath in Bry-sur-Marne (94).

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