Pain in the upper back: 5 tips from the osteopath

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Pain in the upper back: 5 tips from the osteopath

A pain in the upper back can be linked to many health problems. However, according to osteopath Adrien Ezine, in most cases, this pain is mainly of mechanical origin: "when you carry a heavy load with poor posture or you do not stand up straight, muscle pain may appear", He explains.

Pain in the upper back should never be ignored: "When the pain is dull, you may be tempted to say" it does not matter, I can live with it ": it's a bad idea because a back pain can quickly degenerate - for example into cervical spondylosis" says the specialist. In some cases more serious, a pain in the upper back can even reveal the presence of a pathology: no question of "do with"!

Pain in the upper back: where does it come from?

When the pain is of mechanical origin, it is generally caused by the prolonged contraction of a muscle (trapezius, large dorsal, rhomboid ...): this near-permanent muscle tension most often results from poor posture.

"There is often pain in the upper back in young parents who are often bent forward (to give bath, for example, or to carry Baby)says Adrien Ezine. The muscles of the upper back are forced to contract to keep the spine moving forward and, in the long run, it causes persistent pain. "

Ditto in women who carry a daily handbag (heavy) slung: "the muscles of the upper back are forced to be contracted all day long to resist the compression related to the weight of the bag", develops the specialist.

Warning : sometimes, the pain in the upper back is not mechanical. "Pain in the upper back with difficulty breathing and / or feeling of tightness must be the subject of a doctor's appointment: there is a risk of pulmonary or cardiac pathology"warns Adrien Ezine. Same reaction if the pain occurs suddenly after a coughing or sneezing fit, especially in the menopausal woman: it can be a vertebral fracture.

Last on the dock: the stress. "A stressed person breathes badly: the low respiratory amplitude affects the ribs, the back muscles ... and this can end with pain in the upper back, not to mention that in case of stress, some people move hunched or shoulders forward, which aggravates muscle tension. "

I have pain in my upper back: 5 solutions to relieve pain

  • If you are very stressed everyday, consider relaxation techniques: mindfulness meditation, sophrology, laughter yoga ... "There are many apps to learn about cardiac coherence, a technique of relaxation that gives good results. results "adds Adrien Ezine.
  • If there is pain in the upper back with intense stress, test this exercise: stand up with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed, inhale deeply through your nose for 3 seconds, then exhale for a long time through your mouth for 7 seconds. Repeat twice.
  • If you often have upper back pain during the day, do this stretch each morning for 30 seconds: get on all fours and put your buttocks on your heels. Then stretch out your arms and try to fetch in front of you as far as possible by breathing deeply.
  • "If you have a horizontal bar (or a rim over a door), you can also hang there for a few seconds, arms stretched out and knees up: it's a great exercise for stretch the muscles of the upper back. "
  • From the first pains (not acute and in the absence of other symptoms), make an appointment with an osteopath. If the pain persists after 2 sessions, a doctor's appointment is required.

thanks to Adrien Ezine, osteopath in Bry-sur-Marne (94).

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