Patchwork clothing – fashion trend of the season

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Patchwork clothing – fashion trend of the season

Everything new, as you know, is just well forgotten old. This also applies to the return of such a fashion trend as patchwork, which is extremely popular in new clothing collections!

Patchwork as a fashion trend

The technique of stitching new things from old ones invented by our grandmothers has become a fashion trend thanks to Yves Saint Laurent: his dress “based on” paintings by the Dutch artist Peter Mondrian was incredibly popular in the 60s.

And now history repeats itself. At the shows of the autumn-winter collections, patchwork in clothes of designers Tom Ford, Missoni, Chloe flaunted on dresses, and on skirts, and on jackets, even on sweaters!

What to wear with Patchwork clothes?

The patchwork style in clothes requires compliance with some rules:

  • in an outfit, there should be one thing in a patchwork technique;
  • do not use bright and catchy accessories – they will “argue” with the patchwork and overload the bow;
  • the style (and things in the patchwork style, and other elements of the bow) should be as simple as possible;
  • best of all, patchwork gets along with boho, ethnic and casual styles, it is difficult to fit it into classics and evening wardrobe.

Patchwork clothes 2019-2020

A patchwork-style skirt looks harmoniously with a top or a classic blouse “matching” one of the many shades of “patches”, a denim shirt and a leather jacket.

A patchwork dress is a self-sufficient thing. To create a harmonious look, choose laconic accessories that will support the style of the look. For example, accessories with fringes or tassels are suitable for the bohemian style of the 70s, and jewelry will help to emphasize the femininity of the ensemble.

Photo: Givenchy, Sportmax

Patchwork-style outerwear is no less popular. Pair the checkered jacket with your favorite jeans and a black T-shirt for a great casual look. Both patchwork coats and fur coats look colorful. Just remember – all other elements of the ensemble should be more restrained and laconic!

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