Perfect hair removal: adopt the right reflexes

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Perfect hair removal: adopt the right reflexes

The day before, I prepare my skin

Weakened by successive epilations, the hairs sometimes have difficulties to cross the skin. Give them a boost with a good exfoliation. Make a mechanical scrub the day before, to avoid irritation. Be careful, if you use an oily formula, be sure to wash just before hair removal, to remove the greasy film it leaves on the body. If you have ingrown hairs, use an AHA and alcohol lotion on the affected areas. It eliminates dead cells and even has a disinfecting power. It can be applied just before waxing, because it allows a better adhesion of the wax on the skin.

I want to be quiet three weeks

To keep the skin smooth, opt for a method of hair removal that pulls the hair at the root like the electric epilator or the wax. Choose it according to the area to be depilated: Oriental wax on large areas, such as half-legs. Peelable wax (without fabric strips) on the face, armpits or jersey. Or cold wax if you have circulatory problems. Apply the wax in the direction of the growth of the hair, then tear off against it. The epilator meanwhile, is just as effective, but requires several passes for a flawless result. Prefer models with lamps so you do not forget any hair.

I'm in a hurry

Shaving is the ideal solution to be flawless in less than 10 minutes. He cuts the hair close to the skin, without forgetting one. If you are a fan of mechanical razor, prepare the hair with an emollient formula, which softens it and facilitates the cut. A choice of foam, shaving gel, or soap provided with the razor. If you have a electric razor, the preparation is useless. Prefer waterproof models, for use in the bath or shower. To know: if the hair seems to you more thick at the time of the regrowth, it is because it is cut in a beveled way, and thus a little harder to the touch.

I am very cozy

The depilatory cream is a good ally to remove hair without pain. It destroys the visible part by a chemical process, often thanks to thioglycolic acid. Be careful, even if some brands have worked to create formulas enriched with natural ingredients, these products are necessarily composed of active chemicals and have a high pH. It is therefore imperative to test them before each use and wait 24 hours to ensure that there is no skin reaction. To avoid interaction with other products, apply the product on clean and bare skin. If you used a self-tanner wait 24 hours before applying a depilatory cream.

I extend the result

Extend the effects of hair removal with treatments that slow down regrowth and save you up to a week of tranquility. Their secret? Complexes that inhibit the enzyme that causes hair growth, associated with lemon extracts, with lightening properties. Some also contain LHA, which refines hair and is suitable even for people who have used a razor or depilatory cream. Only condition for them to be effective: use them very regularlyideally every day.

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