Photo – After putting on the tan, she wakes up with strange marks on her face

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Photo - After putting on the tan, she wakes up with strange marks on her face

A perfect tan ... except on his face

Louise Harper followed the recommendations of the self-tanner brand to the letter, which is why the rendering was perfect all over his body: the product is visibly very effective. But on his face, and especially to commissures of his lipsshe noticed big white and orange traces. The reason ? She simply a lot of drooling during his sleep and saliva sank the product.

Problem: Louise Harper is a singer and was scheduled to perform on stage that evening. "It's not like I can hide at home or go away for a few days, I'm a singer and a musician, I have to attend and perform my concerts"she explains to the Daily Mail.

Since then, she has tried everything to blur the marks. She used a scrub for 20 minutes, without success. "When I came out of showerI rubbed my face with wipes Cleansing. It started to fade a little bit, but the marks were still visible - not as much as in the photo, but all the same ".

Louise Harper finally decided to turn to makeup. If the foundation could camouflage much of the tan, she had to make some frequent alterations during his concert since his make-up flowed because of the sweat, with the heat of the scene. Over the days, his complexion is again uniform, thankfully!

Facebook capture Louise Harper

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