Photo – Estelle Lefébure appears natural and she is sublime!

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Photo - Estelle Lefébure appears natural and she is sublime!

At 53, the ex-wife of David Hallyday is still radiant. For proof: she posted a picture of her closely and without makeup on her Instagram account. The result is bluffing : his skin is smooth and his radiant complexion.

Accept yourself naturally

The former facilitator assumes her age and makes it a strength. Even though she has already confessed to the magazine She she has already had surgery: "To be perfectly honest, I once tried the injections. It did not please me at all. My face is my story, with the traces of my life ".

On the picture posted a few days ago, she is not not retouched : in the legend, she even put hashtags #nofilter #nomakeup. And indeed, we can see some fine lines at the corner of his lips. Exit the injections, the mother ofIlona Smet assumes these marks of time who embellish it and give it charm. It also promotes a beauty of the spirit with the #mindfulbeauty hashtag, inner, rather than a physical beauty and "superficial".

Net surfers love

About 6000. This is the number of likes that the photo has collected. And fans do not stoppraise : "Beauty and sincerity go together for this picture. Because you are sincere to show us your face without artifice frankly bravo ", writes severineont_bronzina.

In the same register, ayanna_mouton_ comments: "You have inherited the beauty of both your parents. But it does not stop only physically, it would be too reductive ". They are conquered, and so are we!

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To see on video:

She is hot !

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