Photo – Laetitia Casta changes haircut and she is hot!

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Photo - Laetitia Casta changes haircut and she is hot!

It is on the occasion of the premiere of the film The Incredible History of the Horse Factor in Brussels it appears, radiant, with smooth and short hair. In this feature directed by Nils Tavernier, Laetitia Casta plays one of the main roles: Philomène, the wife of Ferdinand Cheval, also called "Horse factor ".

If the young woman decided to cut her pretty brown lengths a while ago, she did not get used to seeing her with a square over her shoulders. Indeed, her brown hair with honey highlights has been shortened. In addition, the latter is often wavy to create a very fashionable wavy effect, but here it is smooth: we love it!

A chic and simple look

The 40-year-old actress chose a chic style all in simplicity: wide beige trousers, camel boots and a burgundy turtleneck, all embellished with a long black coat. For her make-up too the actress chose to stay natural. Indeed, she worked her complexion in transparency, her eyebrows are well depilated but redesigned, and her clear eyes are highlighted by a copper-colored eyeshadow. She also enhanced the color of her lips with a nude lipstick with a glossy finish. Result: a fresh and elegant make-up!


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To see on video:

The resemblance is striking !

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