Photo: Louane changes his mind and adopts gray hair!

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Photo: Louane changes his mind and adopts gray hair!

Nothing stops him. The one we discovered barely 16 years old in TV-hook of TF1, The Voice, has come a long way since. At the age of 22, Louane goes on to make hits and hits in the movies. A success that pushes her every day to assert herself more. Thus, at the beginning of the year, we discovered the star of the film The Aries Family sport a daring coloring : an ultra polar polar blond paired with a wavy bob cut.

And today, Louane takes a new course. Invited to sing on the stage of the Z5, the charity gala of the footballer Zinedine Zidane, we discover it with metallic gray highlights ! An original color and perfectly in the trend that brings out its lagoons eyes.

Want to copy the hairline look of Louane? Appointment at your hairdresser who will have to make a discoloration of your hair until you get a platinum blond almost white. He will then apply a patina to obtain metallic gray reflections. Attention, this coloring requires a lot of maintenance at home (skincare and repigmenting care) and frequent trips to hairdressing salon.

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