PHOTO – Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) opts for a pepper and salt hair

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PHOTO - Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) opts for a pepper and salt hair

The years go by and Melissa Gilbert, revealed thanks to the now mythical American series "The little house in the meadow" took a radical decision on the level of hair. And there is change! Indeed, the one who has long kept a red hair has made the choice to draw a line on it. And for good reason, she decided to no longer fight the signs of age and therefore not to hide her white hair. On the contrary, she even preferred to showcase them.

On her Instagram account on Friday, April 12, the 54-year-old actress unveiled a photo on which she posted a pepper and salt hair. The woman who for many years was Nellie Oleson's formidable enemy is not a little proud of it ... and even amuses herself with it. "Here's a new version of Fifty Shades Of Gray", she wrote under the cliché, referring to the saga of erotic American movies Fifty shades. Melissa Gilbert also added some keywords like: "grandmother", "I love my age" or "do you like to" and "age with grace". decidedly getting older does not scare him.

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After having known the glory by playing one of the daughters of Charles Ingalls, Melissa Gilbert has chained several small roles in TV movies and series. She even decided to go into politics before giving up because of health concerns. On the private side, she always makes the perfect love with the actor Timothy Busfield, whom she married in 2013.

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